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They have a wide variety of traditional rice varieties. We have so far tried mappilai samba rice, karunguruvai rice and red sorghum. We have made idli and dosa using just the red rice without mixing any white rice and the result was very good.

Mr. Prakash


I would like to thank Keerthi from B&B organics for the amazing job!! You all did a great job in packing everything so well.! I couldn’t believe that I received a package from India to Houston Texas USA in less than seven days!!! Thank you very much🙏 God bless!!!

Capucine Shannon


(1) Received material in a very good packing so that it could handle all transit hazards. (2) Response of the support team is very swift and prompt. (3) Material is also clean and of good quality, with proper individual packing. (4) Quality of the millets especially Siridhanya is very good.

Mr. Dheeraj nayyar


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