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They have a wide variety of traditional rice varieties. We have so far tried mappilai samba rice, karunguruvai rice and red sorghum. We have made idli and dosa using just the red rice without mixing any white rice and the result was very good.

Mr. Prakash


I would like to thank Keerthi from B&B organics for the amazing job!! You all did a great job in packing everything so well.! I couldn’t believe that I received a package from India to Houston Texas USA in less than seven days!!! Thank you very much🙏 God bless!!!

Capucine Shannon


(1) Received material in a very good packing so that it could handle all transit hazards. (2) Response of the support team is very swift and prompt. (3) Material is also clean and of good quality, with proper individual packing. (4) Quality of the millets especially Siridhanya is very good.

Mr. Dheeraj nayyar


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Black rice is also identified as forbidden rice in China as it was once only accessible to the rich. It is really hard rice that requires soaking overnight prior to...

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Traditional rice varieties of the country are slowly making a comeback in our diets. They offer a huge array of health benefits like they prevent unnecessary oxidation, are good anti-oxidants,...

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தினைத்துணை நன்றி செயினும் பனைத்துணையாக் கொள்வர் பயன் தெரிவார் (குறள் 104) திருவள்ளுவர் தாத்தா பாடி வெச்சிருக்காரு. அதாவது, ஒருத்தர் செய்யுற தினையளவு நன்மை கூட, நன்றியுள்ள மனுஷனுக்கு பனை அளவுக்குத் தெரியும்ங்கிறதுதான், இந்த பாட்டோட அர்த்தம். பனை மரம் தர்ற...

Early start for a healthy future

09 Apr

Healthy Diet for a Healthy System Idli or dosa made with a batter consisting of equal quantity of B&B Organics white sorghum (Jowar/cholam) aids proper digestion due to the high amount of...

Food that fight PCOS (Quick Meal Plan)

09 Apr

Fertility-Friendly Eating Tips B&Borganics Karuppu kavuni rice is an excellent remedy for PCOD, grounded B&Borganics karuppu kavuni rice can be mixed and taken with milk for better results. Karuppu kavuni...

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Keep the Beat Healthy Eating greens and foods rich in fiber is a must-do ritual to keep your heart healthy, especially those who have heart disease history in their family...

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Plate it up right Jaundice is more common in infants which could avoid and cure easily when pregnant ladies intake proso millet (Barri /panivaragu) regularly. Intake of proso millet along...

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A Food Chart to Prevent Cancer Cancer can be prevented to a large extent by including a healthy portion of rice and millets in the diet. Intake of B&Borganics Karuppu...

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What is white sugar? White sugar is granulated and made from refining cane or beet sugar, a process which removes the molasses and thus many vital nutrients present in the...

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I saw this really cute sparrow when I went cycling this evening. Later, I found out that Sparrows are endangered!!! I was gobsmacked! Oh! Wait a minute… Let me tell...