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Our White rice, a key ingredient in rice form that is rich in vitamins and minerals, and calcium, is perfect for all cuisine uses. White rice is well with its appealing smell upon cooking. It contains no artificial additives or pesticides. It has a low gi, which means it gives off energy gradually, retaining blood sugar levels in check.

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  • White Rice

    5 reviews

    Thooyamalli Rice (Parboiled)

    Thooyamalli Parboiled rice is well known for its unique aroma. It aids digestion and has anti-aging properties that make us look young and energetic. This rice...

    Regular price Rs. 93.00
    Sale price Rs. 93.00 Regular price
  • White Rice

    IluppaiPoo samba Parboiled rice

    Iluppai Poo Samba Rice is high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals and should be consumed on a daily basis. This rice has a distinct aroma that...

    Regular price Rs. 117.00
    Sale price Rs. 117.00 Regular price
  • White Rice

    7 reviews

    Idli Rice (Parboiled)

    Idli rice is made from a moderate grain that is mainly grown in Tamil Nadu, South india. This rice is also known as converted rice or...

    Regular price Rs. 80.00
    Sale price Rs. 80.00 Regular price
  • White Rice

    Thanga Samba Parboiled rice

    Thanga Samba Rice is identified by its long and good grains, which make it a perfect element for grain dishes. It rises during the 'Samba' season....

    Regular price Rs. 114.66
    Sale price Rs. 114.66 Regular price
  • White Rice

    1 reviews

    Thanjavur Ponni Rice (Parboiled)

    Ponni means "gold" in Tamil and also refers to the Kaveri River. Ponni boiled rice contains more fibre, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B-6 than regular white...

    Regular price Rs. 87.00
    Sale price Rs. 87.00 Regular price
  • 0 reviews

    Kichili Samba Rice (Parboiled)

    Kichili Samba rice has a unique flavour that improves the flavour and aroma of curries and dhal when ingested together. Historically, the royals ingested this type...

    Regular price Rs. 92.00
    Sale price Rs. 92.00 Regular price
  • 1 reviews

    Rajamudi Parboiled rice

    Nutritionally balanced Rajamudi rice is great for daily use. When compared to polished rice, it has more dietary fibre. Rajamudi rice enhances immunity and hastens the...

    Regular price Rs. 112.00
    Sale price Rs. 112.00 Regular price
  • 5 reviews

    Kichili Samba Rice "Athur (Origin)" - Parboiled

    Kichili Samba has a distinct flavour and is known for being easy to digest. Kichili Samba Rice enhances muscles and improves the appearance of skin. Diabetic...

    Regular price Rs. 104.74
    Sale price Rs. 104.74 Regular price
  • Ponni Raw Rice (Pachai Arisi) - Natural and Chemical Free

    Ponni raw rice has a distinguishable smell, taste and texture. Ponni boiled rice enhances cardiovascular health, and blood circulation, and is helpful to diabetics due to...

    Regular price Rs. 82.00
    Sale price Rs. 82.00 Regular price Rs. 79.00
  • 1 reviews

    Kalanamak Rice (Parboiled) - UP (Origin)

    Kalanamak rice variety, also known as Black Pearl Rice, has a husky aroma even in raw form. Besides that, it is presumed to have numerous health...

    Regular price Rs. 118.00
    Sale price Rs. 118.00 Regular price
  • Organic Sona Masoori White Rice (Parboiled)

    Sona Masoori Rice is rich in proteins, carbs, and manganese. This is simple to digest and assists in weight management. Diabetics can consume it. It also...

    Regular price Rs. 194.60
    Sale price Rs. 194.60 Regular price