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Our Rice flakes combo comes with a pack of Black Rice, Iluppai Poo Samba Rice, Mapillai Samba Rice, Poongar Rice, Red Rice, and White Aval Flakes.

Our Rice flakes are quite customizable, and we can integrate them into your breakfast menu in the form of upma, porridge, dosa, or kheer.

Our products contain no pesticides or artificial ingredients.


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2 products

  • Black Rice Flakes(Kavuni)/Poha

    HEALTHY BOWL: It is rich in antioxidants especially anthocyanin. It is loaded with fiber, vitamin C and has a low glycaemic index. It’s a natural detoxifier...

    Regular price Rs. 151.00
    Sale price Rs. 151.00 Regular price
  • B&B Organics White Flakes (Poha)

    HEALTHY BREAKFAST: Flakes are a healthy source of carbohydrate, good probiotic food, low in calories and a rich source of iron. A BOWL OF NUTRITION: Flakes...

    Regular price Rs. 81.00
    Sale price Rs. 81.00 Regular price