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  • a2 cow ghee
  • a2 cow ghee

Premium A2 Cow Ghee (Bilona Ghee-Curd Churned)

B&B Organics uses A2 milk from indigenous cow breed namely Kaaram Pasu. Native cows produce A2 milk, which is the healthier form of milk, as compared to many other variants of cows that produce unhealthy A1 milk. A2 Cow Ghee promotes a good balance by reducing bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol.

Alternative Names:

Nei | Desi Ghee

Languages Names:

நெய்(Tamil), నెయ్యి (Telugu), നെയ്യ് (Malayalam), ತುಪ್ಪ (Kannada), घी (Hindi)

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About Premium A2 Cow Ghee (Bilona Ghee-Curd Churned)

B&B Organics A2 Cow Ghee is made using a traditional method called Bilonas, in which a spoonful of curd is mixed with boiled cow's milk and left overnight. The curd is churned to make butter, which is then boiled to extract pure ghee.

A2 Cow Ghee is traditionally used in ayurvedic treatments and as a cooking oil that helps digestion by keeping the intestinal tract healthy.

Pure ghee can be easily tested at home. Warm a teaspoon of Ghee in a vessel. The ghee is pure if it melts quickly and turns brown. Impure ghee is made up of a combination of cheap vegetable oils and unhealthy vanaspati, which melts slowly and has lighter colour.

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How To Use Premium A2 Cow Ghee (Bilona Ghee-Curd Churned)

  • Ghee can be a healthy substitute for cooking oil in all dishes.
  • Ghee pongal
  • Ghee appam
  • Ghee dosa
  • Ghee rice

Premium A2 Cow Ghee (Bilona Ghee-Curd Churned) Benefits

  • A2 Cow Ghee stimulates the release of digestive chemicals in the stomach, which help in the digestion of food. It also helps in the removal of toxins and promotes elimination, thus improving digestive quality.
  • A2 Cow Ghee improves healthy digestion, which boosts immunity and detoxifies the body.
  • It nourishes the brain and nervous system and improves cognitive function when consumed regularly. It helps in the progress of memory, intellect, and concentration.
  • A2 Cow Ghee has a soothing effect and can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments. Ghee can be used to smooth and soften dry and chapped lips.
  • A2 Cow Ghee reduces inflammation, which helps to prevent bone degeneration and keeps your bones strong.
  • The presence of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, helps in kid’s memory and brainpower boost and reduces the risk of neurological issues such as ADHD.

Frequently Asked Questions

A2 Cow Ghee contains essential macro and micronutrients that meet the body's daily dietary needs. It is high in antioxidants and vitamins and healthy amino acids.

Most people associate Ghee with fat and a decline in heart health; even so, the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in A2 Cow ghee lowers cholesterol levels and gives the heart a healthy boost.

A2 ghee for babies is vital owing to its high quality and nutritional content. It is an important source of energy for growing kids.

B&B Organics offers high-quality organic products at reasonable prices. B&B sells A2 Cow Ghee online.


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