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We devoted providing genuine organic food to everyone by breaking the traditional method of selling organic food. In 2016, the company was founded by myself, Balaji B.Tech (Horticulture) with guidance from Dr.Balathandayuthabani (Bala) Ph.D. in Environmental Science (Sweden), we both are former students at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Bala was doing his thesis in organic farming while doing it he came across numerous organic farmers and in doing so, he understood the pros and cons of organic farming. In Trichy, a doctor once asked us to get him good quality organic food because he couldn’t find genuine organic products in the market. Meanwhile, while Bala was working in Sweden, he bought organic products and he had a strong feeling that the products are truly organic.

our story

However, he couldn’t find the same transparency while buying organic products in India. Hence, we decided to start an organic shop and show the quality of the organic products transparently to our customers. Now the company has laid the foundation not only in India but also in the UK and USA.
The basic aim of B&B Organics is to provide the best and most genuine organic food to its customers, while taking in account the needs and requirements of the farmers that are associated. Organic food isn’t just free from chemicals, it is rich in nutrients and is healthier and safer for children, giving them a strong body and immune system. Another thing that we have tried since the inception of B&B Organics is to help our farmers, to uplift and give stable and secure income to them.

We also aim to share a percentage of our profit with our farmers, it is our bit in giving back to those who feed us all

Our company have been started with a small sum of money, which was all we had at the time, but no compromise was made on any front, be it finding the best lab to run the tests, and to find the farmers who produce genuine organic products. All of this was done to ensure that our end-consumer get chemical-free and healthy produce. It was quite a task to find a lab that conducted food test according to FSSAI standards with NABL accreditation and in the end, we selected ITC lab in Haryana, where companies like Hindustan Unilever, etc test their products. All reports that come from the ITC lab are always made available to consumers so that customers can know what is present in their foods, which is one of our core concepts.

As we didn’t have large sums to spare on branding, the initial packaging of our products was very simple yet the quality spoke for itself and more people started buying our products. Moreover, we take pride in being one of the biggest suppliers of traditional rice in India like Buddha rice, Mappillai samba, Karupu kavuni etc that had started to get extinct and replaced by white polished rice. It is our constant effort to bring these rice varieties back to Indian households. We work to make organic food available to everyone especially to children while supporting the farmers who adopt organic farming.


Our farmlands are scrutinized by third-party credentialed certification institutions in compliance with Indian and international standards required, guaranteeing that all organic production practices are followed. B&B Organic field officials are all on the high alert for crops to supervise and facilitate farm owners with natural agro-based solutions.

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