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The primary goal of B&B Organics is to offer the finest and also most credible natural food to its customers all while taking into consideration the needs and demands of the farmers with whom it belongs. Organic food is not only chemical-free, but it is also high in nutrients and is safer and healthier for kids, providing them with a healthy body and immune response. Traditional foods are packed with nutrients and have a rich history of promoting good health and well-being. These foods, in fact, have been devoured for many thousands of years. We all know that traditional and natural food products are the ultimate solution to today's health issues. We want to utilize food to protect and heal lifestyle illnesses in society by offering traditional and organic food products as well as value-added products that increase the body’s immune system and encourage good health. Our phrase is:

our story

Your health is our food.

Our company began with a modest amount of money, that was all we had at the time, but no negotiations were made, whether it be selecting the right lab to run the tests or farmers who deliver real organic foods. All of this was completed to make sure that our customers receive chemical-free, nutritionally balanced yields. Through procuring traditional and approved organic produce as nearer to the authentic origins as possible, preserving the values associated with that source, and transforming it into essentials and value-added goods.


Our farmlands are inspected by third-party accredited certified organizations to ensure that all sustainable farming rules are implemented in conformance with Indian and international norms. B&B Organic field personnel are constantly on the lookout for crop production in order to monitor and aid farm owners with organic agro-based solutions. We primarily purchase from certified farmers and FPOs; nearly 80% of our farmers are tiny and excluded, and 45% are female farmers. Our control is carried out through Madurai-based women's Self Help Group's. We are apt to offer a sustainable income for these groups of people in this sort of way. As our firm expands and we encourage more growers to make it back to farming agricultural yield naturally, ground health as well as the environment benefit.

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