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Our Rice flours are made from Black rice, Chak Hao rice, Gobindhobhog rice, Joha rice, Karuppukavuni, Kattuyanam rice, Mappillai samba rice, Navara rice, Poongar rice, and Raw rice.

Flour is the most multi-functional- functional way to integrate a grain or a combination of grains into our diet.

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5 products

5 products

  • Black Rice Flour (KARUPPU KAVUNI Rice)

    Karuppu Kavuni rice is a unique and also very old wide range of rice that has been grown in ancient times in India. It is primarily...

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  • Mappillai Samba Rice Flour

    Our Rice flour is washed and finely ground using traditional techniques to optimise nutrient benefits. Substitute white rice flour with Mappillai Samba Rice flour to offer...

    Regular price Rs. 59.00
    Sale price Rs. 59.00 Regular price
  • Chak Hao Rice Flour

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  • Poongar Rice Flour

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  • Pachai Arisi Maavu (Raw Rice Flour)

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