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  • rajamudi rice
  • rajamudi rice
  • rajamudi rice
  • rajamudi rice

Rajamudi Parboiled rice

Nutritionally balanced Rajamudi rice is great for daily use. When compared to polished rice, it has more dietary fibre. Rajamudi rice enhances immunity and hastens the body's recovery and ability to heal. It is also beneficial to the heart. Rajamudi rice is also well-known for its potential to strengthen the spine. It has a low gi as well. It is a long-lasting crop that needs a lot of water. Crop rotation is usually performed in mid-June and cultivated in mid-to-late December.

Languages Names:

ராஜமுடி சிவப்பு- புழுங்கல் அரிசி (Tamil ), ರಾಜಮುಡಿ ಕೆಂಪು ಅಕ್ಕಿ (Kannada)

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Niazuddin Khan
Good rice for daily consumption.

We have switched over to consuming Rajamudi hand pounded parboiled rice daily. Tastes good and reduced quantity is full filling.


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