Replacement & Refund

Replacement & Refund

You may seek a refund/replacement, if the goods are received damaged. However, the complaint must be raised through email/call within 7days of shipment received and you may be asked for proof of purchase and the picture/video of the damaged goods.

We would need the below mentioned documents to file a complaint regarding damage.

  1. Please provide proofs within 7 days of product received
  2. What is received and what is missing?  (If any)
  3. Outer package image that shows the AWB number and condition in which the package was received
  4. Un-boxing video

Replacement or refund will be processed as per the customer’s choice within 2-5 business days from the date of complaint.

Further, please be noted -

  1. Replacement is possible for goods and products below 3kg of weight
  2. For orders above 3kg of weight, refund is allowed subject to terms and conditions.
  3. Refund is strictly not allowed if the above mentioned conditions are not met.

Thank you. Happy Shopping!