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Our aromatic rice is very good for its scented smell including its tender and delicious flavour. Joha rice's rich aroma and flavour create it one of the best rice for adding desserts and recipes like pulao, biryani, etc. Due to the obvious phenolics and flavonoid content, this rice has a number of health benefits.

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  • Seeraga Samba Rice

    Seeraga Samba Rice is a traditional rice variety grown in India that is most famous in South India. It is widely grown in India and Sri...

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  • 1 reviews

    Gobindobhog Rice - "West Bengal (Origin)"

    The nutritive value of Gobindobhog rice is seen to be far better soaked up by the body than brown rice. This rice derivative is easy to...

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  • Organic White Basmati Rice (Parboiled)

    White rice, enriched with vitamins, calcium, a staple rice type is ideal for all culinary considerations.  

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    Organic Brown Basmati Rice (Parboiled)

    Brown rice, whole grain houses all essential vitamins and minerals and is best for healthy eating.

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  • Vasanai Seeraga Samba

    The traditional aromatic Vasanai seeraga samba rice is here at B&B Organics. This rice is full of nutrients that add charm to your health. Vasanai seeraga...

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  • Joha Rice (Aromatic Rice) - West Bengal

    HEALTH BENEFITS: Rich in antioxidant properties it helps to fight against Ageing and many other diseases. This rice has a number of health benefits due to...

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