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Explore our Cold pressed oils category to utilise the benefits of organic products.

Coconut oil: Our Cold pressed coconut oil is called an immunity booster. It is rich in Vitamin E content. The flavour and aroma of the oil gives additional texture to the food.

Gingelly oil: Our Gingelly oil can be used as a traditional medicine since it has anti-  inflammatory properties that are strong. During summer, it can be applied to the body  for reducing the body heat.

Groundnut oil: Our Cold pressed groundnut oil is highly nutritious and healthy, retaining all of its health benefits. It is usually yellow and is a rich source of fats and antioxidants, which help boost the immune system and lower bad cholesterol.

Virgin Coconut oil: Our Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is high in lauric acid, an effective metabolic that can help strengthen the immune system and cure a variety of medical conditions ranging from common food intolerances to existing diseases.



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  • 7 reviews

    Cold Pressed Gingelly/Sesame Oil

    B&B Organics cold-pressed gingelly oil is free of all chemical preservatives, artificial colours and aromas, liquid paraffin, and common additives like argemone oil. Sesame seeds are...

    Regular price Rs. 328.60
    Sale price Rs. 328.60 Regular price Rs. 298.00
  • 4 reviews

    Cold Pressed Groundnut (Peanut Oil)

    Cold-pressed groundnut oil is usually yellow and is a rich source of fats as well as antioxidants, which help to boost the immune system and lower...

    Regular price Rs. 267.68
    Sale price Rs. 267.68 Regular price
  • 2 reviews

    Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

    The cold-pressed coconut oil's colour, aroma, and flavour are preserved. The cold-pressed oil can be used safely to improve the health of skin and hair because...

    Regular price Rs. 252.45
    Sale price Rs. 252.45 Regular price Rs. 240.00
  • 2 reviews

    Virgin Coconut Oil

    Virgin Coconut oil, which contains Lauric acid, revives troubles in varied parts of the body, including the liver, organs, and pancreatic. It also has important nutrients...

    Regular price Rs. 229.83
    Sale price Rs. 229.83 Regular price Rs. 205.00