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  • Kerala Matta Rice (Parboiled)

Kerala Matta Rice (Parboiled)

Kerala matta rice is strongly praised by diabetics since it decreases blood glucose levels. Also, it includes calcium and magnesium, which assist in the upkeep and creation of bone and teeth.

Alternative Names:

Kerala Parboiled Rice | Matta Arisi

Languages Names:

மட்டை அரிசி - புழுங்கல்(Tamil ), മട്ട അരി (Malayalam)

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About Kerala Matta Rice (Parboiled)

Matta Rice is an indigenous grain grown in Kerala's Palakkad district. It is mainly remembered for its high clay content and major health advantages. It is characterised by other brown rice by its sturdy and musky fragrant flavour, which enhances mutton, beef, and any type of meat. This grain has a strong flavour, is high in fibre, and is easily digestible. Protein, vitamin supplements, and mineral deposits are also present in trace amounts.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Energy (Kcal) 405
Carbohydrates (g) 87
Protein (g) 7
Fat (g) 0.5
Total Dietary Fibre (g) 3.2

How to Use Kerala Matta Rice (Parboiled)

  • Matta Rice Pradhaman
  • Matta Rice Kheer
  • Matta Rice Pulao
  • Matta Rice Pongal

Kerala Matta Rice (Parboiled) Benefits

  • Matta rice can enable you to reach your daily fibre needs for a healthy gut. The dietary fibre of this rice can help to keep the gastrointestinal things running smoothly. Fibrous foods assist to moisten and raise the level of your bowel habits. As a result, feeding Kerala Matta rice can handle a variety of digestion problems.
  • Ingesting its grains can lower the risk of heart disease and certain forms of cancer markedly. It is heart-friendly due to lower fat, trans fat, and cholesterol content, preserving those essential capillaries free of clogs and blood clots.
  • The higher fibre content contributes to its anti-diabetic characteristics by decelerating carb uptake. This aims to manage the insulin spike that typically follows a food.
  • Matta rice also provides extra minerals and vitamins to your nutrition. Its nutrient-dense coat is the source of Vitamin A as well as some formation of Vitamin B. These are vital for the health of your body's numerous processes.
  • Red Matta rice, with its high fibre and low glycemic index, can help you to reduce your heart rate obliquely. The tendency to overeat is one of hypertension. Matta rice allows you to keep fit by giving a sense of initial wholeness, making it easier to manage and, to a certain extent, regulating your high blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutrition values per 100gms of Kerala Matta Rice Energy- 405kcal, Protein- 7g, Carbohydrate- 87g, Fats- 0.5g, and Total dietary fibre- 3.2g.

Kerala Matta rice, in relation to becoming full of fibre, has a low gi. These features inevitably cause a decline in the probability of high blood pressure. One of the underlying causes of high heart rate is extreme nutrition. Matta rice will indeed keep you full with much less food.

Matta rice, also recognized as Palakkad Matta rice,Red Parboiled rice, or Kerala Red rice is rice arising in the region of Kerala, India. Matta rice can be devoured as boiled rice and used to make idlis, appams, and snack foods such as murukku.

Matta rice is a native grain of Kerala's Palakkad district. In our online store, we have over 120 different traditional rice. Our Matta rice price is Rs. 141 per kg.


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