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B&B Organics Spices have high iron content and can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments. It is grown and processed organically to preserve its natural benefits. Fennel, Black cumin, Fenugreek, Coriander, Black mustard, Dry Red Chilli, and Cumin seeds are all available in our Spices section.

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  • Organic Cumin Seed (Jeera)

    Cumin is extensively used to add flavour to delicacies while also offering a lot of health benefits. Besides improving flavour, it also helps the digestive process...

    Regular price Rs. 82.00
    Sale price Rs. 82.00 Regular price
  • Organic Coriander Seeds - Whole (Dhania Seeds)

    Coriander seed is a fragrant herb high in antioxidants that offers multiple health benefits. It contains many nutrients including copper, iron, zinc, and other important micronutrients....

    Regular price Rs. 52.00
    Sale price Rs. 52.00 Regular price
  • Organic Fenugreek Seeds Whole/Methi

    Methi is covered in cloth, heated up, and applied topically to diagnose native pain and inflammation. Extracts of fenugreek are used in the yield of cleansers...

    Regular price Rs. 50.00
    Sale price Rs. 50.00 Regular price
  • Black Cumin Seed

    Kalonji seeds have a flavourful taste and aroma that is related to fennel seeds and nutmeg. Throughout India, North Africa, and the MidEast, kalonji is used...

    Regular price Rs. 65.00
    Sale price Rs. 65.00 Regular price
  • Organic Dry Red Chilli (Lal Mirch/Erra Mirapakaya)

    Red Chilli dry adds a tangy flavour to recipes and a rich aroma flavour. Crushed red chilies are used as marinades or decided to add to...

    Regular price Rs. 57.00
    Sale price Rs. 57.00 Regular price