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Explore our beverage products to enjoy authentic drinks from various states with the highest quality control standards.

Filter coffee: Our coffee has a rich flavour and a smooth aroma that lasts on the sense of taste. It is made up of 70% coffee and 30% chicory. This meld is an all-day coffee that appears to mean it is neither too subtle nor extremely strong.

Herbal Tea powder: B&B Organics brings you the best in world tea to satisfy your thirst for the true essence of tea. Our Herbal Tea aids in the improvement of immunity and the enhancement of antioxidants.





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  • Nannari Sharbat Syrup - With (Palm Jaggery / Karupatti, Nannari Roots & VetiVer)

    Nannari root is a body's natural coolant that, when consumed as a sherbet during the summer, keeps us hydrated. After a long hot day in the...

    Regular price Rs. 132.00
    Sale price Rs. 132.00 Regular price
  • B&B Organics Original Nannari Sharbat Syrup - With (Sugarcane Jaggery Powder, Nannari Roots & VetiVer)

    This nannari sharbat comes with the perfect fusion of Sugarcane jaggery and nannari roots to give you the best taste. It refreshes your body, makes digestion...

    Regular price Rs. 93.00
    Sale price Rs. 93.00 Regular price
  • Filter Coffee Powder - Rich & Strong Blend of Coffee

    Coorg is often known as the land of coffee. We proudly present to you the magical selection of authentic Indian coffee, sourced directly from finest Coffee...

    Regular price Rs. 252.00
    Sale price Rs. 252.00 Regular price
  • Herbal Tea Powder

    B&B organics brings you the best in world tea to cater the true essence of tea. These tea leaves are collected from the finest tea gardens...

    Regular price Rs. 125.00
    Sale price Rs. 125.00 Regular price