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Our Flakes are made from Gram/Millet/Rice/Wheat categorised into different types including Horse gram Flakes, Barnyard millet flakes, Browntop millet flakes, Finger millet, Foxtail millet flakes, Kattu kambu flakes, Kodo milletΒ  flakes, Little millet flakes, Pearl millet flakes, White sorghum flakes, Black Rice Flakes, Iluppai Poo samba rice flakes, Mappillai samba Flakes, Poongar rice flakes, Red rice Flakes, White aval, Wheat Flakes.

No chemical preservatives or artificial flavours are found in our product.


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    Healthy Foxtail Millet Flakes (Poha)

    Foxtail Millet particles are enriched with nutrient content, flavour, and appearance, and are innately allergen. They are commonly served in many demand lifestyle decisions over frequent...

    Regular price Rs. 133.00
    Sale price Rs. 133.00 Regular price
  • High Fibre Barnyard Millet Flakes (Poha)

    Barnyard millet is effective for diabetics due to its high magnesium and mineral content. It also helps to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol. You can...

    Regular price Rs. 177.08
    Sale price Rs. 177.08 Regular price
  • Black Rice Flakes(Kavuni)/Poha

    Black rice flakes are full of fibre, and antioxidants, and serve as an excellent cleanser for the liver, avoiding blood sugar levels and cancer. The aromatic...

    Regular price Rs. 178.60
    Sale price Rs. 178.60 Regular price
  • Organic Little Millet Flakes (Poha)

    It is a great choice if you are involved in your wellness. Enjoy a nutritious meal that is exempt from preservatives, flavourings, and additives. Our Little...

    Regular price Rs. 170.23
    Sale price Rs. 170.23 Regular price
  • Organic Mappillai Samba Flakes (Poha) - Red Flakes

    STRENGTHEN YOURSELF: As per tradition, any groom has to prove his fortitude by lifting a heavy rock to marry a girl. To boost his energy and...

    Regular price Rs. 100.95
    Sale price Rs. 100.95 Regular price
  • Healthy Pearl Millet Flakes (Poha)

    Pearl millet flakes are full of protein, magnesium, iron, amino, vitamin supplements, fibre, and micronutrients. The flakes are used to render delightful cuisine like upma, Kesari,...

    Regular price Rs. 129.12
    Sale price Rs. 129.12 Regular price Rs. 100.00
  • Organics Kodo Millet Flakes (Poha) - Varagu Aval

    Varagu in Tamil, Kodra in Hindi, Harka in Kannada, and Arikelu in Telugu are all names for kodo millet. It's also used to render Kheer, a...

    Regular price Rs. 155.01
    Sale price Rs. 155.01 Regular price
  • Healthy Finger Millet Flakes (Poha)

    With Finger Millet flakes, you can add a healthy and nutritious twist to your kids' breakfast and dinner. Finger millet flakes are a good supplement to...

    Regular price Rs. 91.00
    Sale price Rs. 91.00 Regular price
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    B&B Organics Wheat Flakes - 3X More Fibre than Corn Flakes

    HEALTHY GUT: It is rich in prebiotics, which are non-digestible fibers that act as a source of food for your healthy gut bacteria, increasing their numbers,...

    Regular price Rs. 128.36
    Sale price Rs. 128.36 Regular price
  • Regular price Rs. 130.65
    Sale price Rs. 130.65 Regular price