About Our Service

Please open an account for you and mention your delivery address, then proceed with your order. Having an account is always advantageous! Members get special discounts and cash back on every purchase!

We procure from different organic farms in India.

You can trust that 100% of the produce arriving at your home is organic. All our farms are certified as organic or at least they would have applied for organic certification, inorder to do the procurement from the farm. The core aim of our farms is to provide 100% organic products to customers and rich biodiversity to every creature in the environment.

Yes. Growing GMO-free is a very important component of organic certification.

All cash that you gained during your purchase is stored in B&B organics wallet. This cash can be used during your next purchase.

The following actions take place after you place your order:
1. You will get a notification through email of the confirmed order
2. The B&B organics packing team gets notified of the order. The packing team prepares and dispatch the order
3. After the order gets dispatched, the customer will receive an email with a tracking ID to track the product
Throughout the above stages, our order inspection team continuously monitors the process so that you get the desired product within the time committed to you. In case the order cannot be processed for any reason whatsoever, the same will be informed to you at the earliest.

We try to make sure the inventory at the store is always up to date. However, in case an item you ordered is unavailable, our order fulfilment team will notify you of the same immediately.

Free Shipping

B&B Organics has a tie-up with different shipping companies for delivery. Each shipping company offers different types of pricing and delivery style like shipping directly at home or picking up at their office. Customers can select it based on the pricing and comfortability.

Higher the quantity, lessen the shipping cost. Therefore, we suggest ordering more to get less shipping cost. Further, we offer free shipping for orders above a certain quantity.


We bring groceries from Monday to Saturday. B&B organics direct delivery is applicable only in Trichy. For other cities, the delivery is done by the courier companies that you select while placing the order.

If you do not receive a delivery, please contact us so we can investigate and assist with the proper handling of charges to you.

We do our best to properly pack items for the journey from our Store to your door. If you receive a product that is damaged or find an item missing from your order, please Contact us immediately and we will make it right. Quality produce and outstanding customer service are of utmost importance to us.

Yes, customers could place orders for multiple cities.

Yes, the customer could add many delivery addresses in your account. Nonetheless, remember that all items placed in a single order can only be delivered to one address. If you want different products delivered to different address place them as separate orders.