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Our Dals/Pulses have unique nutritional content and benefits. It helps to strengthen your body and boost immunity.

Our category of Dals/Pulses includes Black Horse gram, Chana dal, Moong dal, Polished toor dal, Unpolished toor dal, Urad Dal, and White Horse gram.

All our Dals/Pulses are rich in fibre and high in protein. Our packaging is completely hygienic and adheres to strict quality control standards.


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  • Urad Dal (Minapa Pappu/Mash Ki Dal)

    Urad dal is known by various names, including dhuli, adad ni dal, ulutham paruppu, minapa Pappu, and uzhunnu parippu. White Urad Dal has a lighter flavour...

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  • Polished Toor Dal

    They are high in dietary fibre and have a low-fat content, which helps in body weight regulation. They encompass nutrients, which is crucial for the formation...

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  • Hand Pounded Toor/Arhar Dal

    Toor dal is known by many alternative names in India's regional languages, including arhar dal or rahri dal in Hindi, togari bele in Kannada, Tur in...

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  • Black Horse Gram (Kulthi/Muthira/ Hulage /Hulaga/Hurali/ Kolatha/Ulavalu/ Karuppu Kaanam Kollu)

    Horse gram black seeds can decrease post-meal sugar spikes by decelerating absorption of carbohydrates and reducing insulin sensitivity. It is noted in conventional medical texts as...

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  • B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu)

    Horse gram is sedative and antiseptic in essence. These characteristics assist in maintaining the body warm and comfortable and also trying to address other health issues....

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