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Our Dals/Pulses have unique nutritional content and benefits. It helps to strengthen your body and boost immunity.

Our category of Dals/Pulses includes Black Horse gram, Chana dal, Moong dal, Polished toor dal, Unpolished toor dal, Urad Dal, and White Horse gram.

All our Dals/Pulses are rich in fibre and high in protein. Our packaging is completely hygienic and adheres to strict quality control standards.


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  • Urad Dal (Minapa Pappu/Mash Ki Dal)

    Urad dal is known by various names, including dhuli, adad ni dal, ulutham paruppu, minapa Pappu, and uzhunnu parippu. White Urad Dal has a lighter flavour...

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  • Premium Moong Dal

    The flavour, taste, aroma, and texture of our moong dal will probably convince you to combine this into your regular diet. Moong dal can be eaten...

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  • Polished Toor Dal

    They are high in dietary fibre and have a low-fat content, which helps in body weight regulation. They encompass nutrients, which is crucial for the formation...

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  • Hand Pounded Toor/Arhar Dal

    Toor dal is known by many alternative names in India's regional languages, including arhar dal or rahri dal in Hindi, togari bele in Kannada, Tur in...

    Regular price Rs. 139.00
    Sale price Rs. 139.00 Regular price
  • Black Horse Gram (Kulthi/Muthira/ Hulage /Hulaga/Hurali/ Kolatha/Ulavalu/ Karuppu Kaanam Kollu)

    Black Horse Gram:  It is a great pleasure for B&B Organics to present Black Horse Gram for organic life style. It has been used for many...

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  • B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu)

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