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Healthy Pearl Millet Flakes (Poha)

Pearl millet flakes are full of protein, magnesium, iron, amino, vitamin supplements, fibre, and micronutrients. The flakes are used to render delightful cuisine like upma, Kesari, laddu, and fried rice.

Alternative Names:

Kambu Aval

Languages Names:

கம்பு அவல் (Tamil ), సజ్జలు అటుకులు(Telugu), കമ്പം അവൽ (Malayalam), ಸಜ್ಜೆ ಅವಲಕ್ಕಿ (Kannada), बाजरे चेवरा (Hindi)

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About Healthy Pearl Millet Flakes (Poha)

Pearl millet is an ovate cereal that is high in calories and way appropriate amount of carbs, nutrients, and saggy. They are also high in b Vitamins and A, calcium, iron, and zinc. It has numerous benefits, and its incredible combination of good carbs and ample quantities of fibre make it the ideal diet for diabetes patients. They tremendously help in the creation and bolstering of musculature, and the impaired function of body tissue. It is a great replacement for vegans seeking to cut their carb intake. Pearl millet helps women end up losing stomach fat and enforce their menstruation periods.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Energy (Kcal) 363
Fats (g) 5
Protein (g) 11
Carbs (g) 68
Fibre (g) 1.3

How To Use Healthy Pearl Millet Flakes (Poha)

Pearl millet Flakes are used for the following recipes.

  • Poha
  • Kheer
  • Halwa
  • Dosa

Healthy Pearl Millet Flakes (Poha) Benefits

  • Pearl millet is exceedingly helpful in ensuring normal glucose levels. This has a high fibre content, which decelerates the digestive process and emits glycogen into the plasma at a slightly slower pace, enabling regular sugar levels to be retained for a longer time.
  • It has high fibre content and tends to take longer to change from the tummy to the small bowel. As a result, pearl millet suppresses appetite for a longer period, leading to lower calorie consumption, which assists in losing weight.
  • Pearl millet includes phytates, a compound that is believed to enhance cholesterol biosynthesis, thus also stabilising cholesterol levels in the body. It also includes niacin, a vitamin that decreases cholesterol.
  • The high fibre content of pearl millet facilitates the digestive process and relieves constipation. Children who have chronic constipation must be nourished with pearl millet on a routine basis. Besides that, it lessens biliary acid production and the threat of gout creation.
  • A usual and modest intake of pearl millet relaxes helps promote calm and precludes sleeplessness. A gentle meal of pearl millet guarantees a headache-free day.
  • Pearl millet encompasses three times the number of calcium present in milk. As a consequence, feeding pearl millet advantages both the mother and the baby. Pearl millet is viewed as one of the common treatments for period cramps.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutrition facts per 100gms of Calories- 363 kcal, Total Carbs- 68 g, Fibre- 1.3 g, Protein- 11 g, and Fat- 5 g.

Pearl millet is vital nourishment for pregnant women due to its high content of Vit B9, also recognized as folate or folic, which assists in the creation of DNA, which helps determine the baby's rate of growth.

Pearl millet is highly effective in diabetes care. It metabolises gradually and emits glycogen at a slightly slower pace than some other foods due to the high fibre content. This greatly helps in the lengthy maintenance of good health blood glucose levels.

B&B Organics sells Pearl Millet Flakes for Rs. 183/- per kg. Our products carry no chemical compounds or artificial ingredients. We try to make sure that the Pearl Millet Flakes are generated using conventional ways while preserving all of the dietary fibres.


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