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  • B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu)

B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu)

Horse gram is sedative and antiseptic in essence. These characteristics assist in maintaining the body warm and comfortable and also trying to address other health issues. B&B offers White horse gram online.

Alternative Names:

Kollu | Ulavalu | Kulthi

Languages Names:

வெள்ளை கொள்ளு (Tamil ), తెల్ల ఉలవలు (Telugu), വെളുത്ത മുതിര (Malayalam), ಬಿಳಿ ಹುರುಲೆ (Kannada), सफेद कुल्थी (Hindi)

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About B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu)

Horse Gram is a high-powered gram with a slim, brief form that closely resembles a contoured nose. Because it is tightly populated with vital nutrients, it provides some amazing benefits for whole health. Horse gram is significant in essential trace minerals like iron, molybdenum, and calcium, in addition to having a high carbohydrate and protein material. These provide ideal energy, muscular strength, controlled red blood cell synthesising, and skeletal fortification. Besides that, it offers sufficient amounts of Vitamin B, which ensures the normal metabolic operation of cells. It has medicinal benefits and is historically used to treat a wide variety of chronic illnesses.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Energy (Kcal) 321
Mineral (g) 3
Protein (g) 22
Carbs (g) 57
Fibre (g) 5
Iron (mg) 7
Calcium (mg) 287
Phosphorus (mg) 311

How To Use B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu)

  • White Horse gram Halwa
  • White Horse gram Dal
  • White Horse gram Overnight porridge
  • White Horse gram Pulao

B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu) Benefits

  • Horse gram is a very good medication in Ayurveda and is assumed to be useful in increasing urine production. Horse gram soup could indeed be devoured twice daily for 3 weeks to see noticeable results.
  • Horse gram is very helpful in helping in the expulsion of kidney stones due to its hypotensive characteristics. Furthermore, horse gram in your frequent diet can help you avert the creation of kidney stones even though horse gram contains substances that end up making these stones drinkable.
  • Because of the existence of phytonutrient esterification, the lipids in horse gram have been shown to have anti-ulcer action.
  • It is known to provide instant relief and assistance in the monitoring of breathing problems.
  • Horse gram provides a good source of iron, which facilitates the diagnosis of menstrual irregularity. Because of its high fibre content, it also enhances your blood haemoglobin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutrition contents per 100gms of Calories- 321 kcal, Protein- 22 gm, Mineral- 3 gm, Fibre- 5 gm, Carbohydrates- 57 gm, Iron- 7 mg, Calcium- 287 mg, and Phosphorus- 311 mg.

Horse gram is soaked overnight and pressure boiled before even being utilised in the type of germinated or cooked seeds, as just a healthy choice made from the floor powder, and also in traditional Indian recipes such as dals, salads, and soups. It tends to make the nutrition more edible and fibre-rich.

Horse gram may be advantageous if you encounter excessive bleeding during your process. Since it is a good source of iron, it may sustain haemoglobin levels in the body. Also, it greatly helps in the decrease of inflammations whenever there is combustion and foul-smelling release from the vulva.

White Horse grams are available from B&B Organics for Rs. 169/- per kg. There are no chemical compounds or artificial ingredients in our products. We make every effort to ensure that our products are packed with hygiene while remaining affordable.


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