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  • Black Horse Gram (Kulthi/Muthira/ Hulage /Hulaga/Hurali/ Kolatha/Ulavalu/ Karuppu Kaanam Kollu)

Black Horse Gram (Kulthi/Muthira/ Hulage /Hulaga/Hurali/ Kolatha/Ulavalu/ Karuppu Kaanam Kollu)

Horse gram black seeds can decrease post-meal sugar spikes by decelerating absorption of carbohydrates and reducing insulin sensitivity. It is noted in conventional medical texts as used to treat inflammation, bronchitis, leucorrhoea, urinary release, kidney problems, and cardiovascular disease.

Alternative Names:

Karuppu Kollu

Languages Names:

கருப்பு கொள்ளு(Tamil ), నలుపు ఉలవలు (Telugu), കറുപ്പ് മുതിര (Malayalam), ಕಪ್ಪು ಹುರುಲೆ (Kannada), काला कुल्थी (Hindi)

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About Black Horse Gram (Kulthi/Muthira/ Hulage /Hulaga/Hurali/ Kolatha/Ulavalu/ Karuppu Kaanam Kollu)

Black horse gram nutrients endorse muscular strength, optimised energy, bone strength, and red blood cell synthesis regulation. Moreover, these mung beans contain high concentrations of b Vitamins, which assist in the proper functioning of energy metabolism cells. As a result, it is no great shock that the Black Horse Gram is now being ingested across the world. It is found in healthier products, cooked seeds, and traditional Indian dishes like soups, lentils, and salads.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Energy (Kcal) 321
Protein (g) 22
Carbohydrates (g) 56.6
Fibre (g) 5.3
Iron (g) 6.77
Calcium (mg) 287
Fat (g) 0.5
Minerals (g) 3.2

How to Use Black Horse Gram (Kulthi/Muthira/ Hulage /Hulaga/Hurali/ Kolatha/Ulavalu/ Karuppu Kaanam Kollu)

  • Black Horse gram Dosa
  • Black Horse gram Adai
  • Black Horse gram Vada
  • Black Horse gram Payasam

Black Horse Gram (Kulthi/Muthira/ Hulage /Hulaga/Hurali/ Kolatha/Ulavalu/ Karuppu Kaanam Kollu) Benefits

  • Black Horse gram includes a lot of fibre, which assists in the digestive process and soaks up more liquids from the intestines and stomach. This aims to relieve fluid retention and indigestion. Eating soaked horse gram every day in the morning will improve digestion.
  • Black Horse gram contains a lot of fibre and protein, which may result in weight loss. It eradicates surplus fat from the body by fighting fat cells with their phenolic contents. It also encourages a steady cholesterol level and offers sufficient protein for the musculature and also fibre for a healthy digestive system.
  • Black Horse gram is the most effective therapy for kidney stones since it disperses the rocks and thus precludes calcium oxalate creation in the kidney. Eating black grams on a routine basis is among the most efficient ways to recover from this fatal illness.
  • Black Horse grams can result in health by reducing your blood glucose levels. All of this happens as a result of the slow digestive process of its complex carbs. It creates poor insulin sensitivity in the plasma, which retains blood sugar levels under control.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutritional content per serving of 100 gm Energy- 321 kcal, Fat- 0.5 g, Protein- 22 g, Carbohydrates- 56.6 g, Minerals- 3.2 g, Calcium- 287 mg, Iron- 6.77 g, and Fibre- 5.3 g.

Horse gram contains a significant level of iron, which assists in the diagnosis of menstrual irregularity. Because of its high iron content, it also helps boost your plasma haemoglobin.

The most protein-rich legume on the globe is horse gram. It is hugely potent. It's why race horses are nourished by this gram, recognized in the market as horse gram.


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