9 Most Popular Types of Rice in India – A Complete Guide

9 Most Popular Types of Rice in India – A Complete Guide

Rice is a vital portion of several people's diets, notably in India, for a wide range of reasons. The main reason is that rice is innately stuffing and offers the body nutrients. Beside that, rice is also nutritious and high in mineral deposits, satisfying the body's daily needs. It's time to dive into the world of rice and attempt your tasty meal in a different way! Each variation of rice has a unique taste, aroma, and characteristics and is used to organise a wide range of dishes. 

Are you prepared to find the colour and taste of numerous rice variations? Let's see the list of nine popular types of rice in India!

9 Various Rice Varieties:

Listed below are the different kinds of rice, along with their names, textures, aromas, and utilises.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice:

Brown rice has a light nutty taste that enhances all brown rice dishes. Brown rice is favoured by several diet conscious people over the other varieties of rice since it is less calories and packed with minerals and vitamins. It's entirely made of whole grains and is very soft to eat!

Basmati rice:

Basmati rice is a popular rice variety in India and all through Asia. This flavorful rice is used in a diversity of Indian and Asian cuisines to create exciting and exotic cuisine. This rice goes well with natural basil and spring onions, and also traditional Indian sides. It is both available in white and whole-grain variants and is widely found in supermarkets.

Wild rice:

Wild rice is derived from a sort of grass discovered in the pond area of the United States. This rice grows wild around lakes and is collected as a whole as well. Wild rice is packed with protein and appealing on the outside. Once cooked, even so, it divides as well as the white rice from within. It's well-known for its earthy, buttery flavour. Wild rice can be difficult to locate in supermarkets, but it is certainly accessible online.

Black rice:

Black rice
Black rice, also recognised as forbidden rice, is a sticky rice variation. This rice is slightly more costly than other rice, and it is assumed that only the ruling elite in Chinese History could afford to consume black rice. There are multiple kinds of black rice available both in stores and online, and everyone ought to attempt it at least once!


Sona Masuri Rice:

Sona Masuri rice is grown in Andhra Pradesh and is well-known throughout India. The rice has a smooth feel to basmati rice and is simple to digest. Sona Masuri is common as it is low on calories and assists in weight control. The cost is slightly higher, yet this rice is undoubtedly tasty.

Seeraga Samba Rice:

Seeraga Samba Rice is a famous Tamil Nadu variety. The name Seeraga originates from the looks of the grains, which look similar to Cumin seeds. Samba also means "seasons." The rice is famous for being used in classical Tamilnadu Biryanis including Ambur Biryani and Dindigul Biryani. Despite the fact that it isn't long-grain rice, it keeps adding a unique aroma to a wide range of grain preparations. It also maintains a substantial amount of water after cooking without giving up its structure or contour. As a result, many restaurants in this area favour this local rice over Basmati and Mogra rice.

Ponni Rice:

Ponni rice is native to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is hybrid rice established in 1986 by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. It is grown primarily along the banks of Tamil Nadu's Kaveri river. It's a medium- grain variety as well. This rice can be utilised to make Khichdi, Biryani, as well as other flavourful rice dishes. You can also utilise it in your normal food preparation.

Jasmine Rice:

Jasmine rice tends to add an exotic feel to several Asian dishes. Once cooked thoroughly, this rice has a gentle and gluey texture and is primarily managed to grow in Thailand. Numerous Caribbean dishes use jasmine rice and are widely consumed around the world. Most curry dishes profit from their aroma and taste. Jasmine rice is available in white and whole-grain variants and has a delightfully nutty taste.

Red Rice:

Red rice includes a lot of anthocyanins, an antioxidant that provides the husks of rice granules a red colour. This is widely used in Thailand, Africa, and the components of Bhutan. Red rice is usually cooked with a wide range of spices and herbs like pepper, garlic, and chilli. The only difference is that red rice ends up taking more time to cook than other kinds of rice.

Some other types of rice that are popular in India:

Bamboo Rice:

Bamboo Rice

Bamboo rice is one of the most well-known rice varieties; it is made from bamboo shoots and is truly a seed at the end of its lifespan. Since bamboo rice is so unusual, it can be difficult to locate in your local supermarket. Bamboo rice, on the other hand, is extremely healthy and delicious.

White Rice:

White rice is undoubtedly the most adaptable rice variety. It is well-known throughout the world as well as adjusts to any style of food preparation in any cooking. Once cooked thoroughly, it has a fluffy and slightly wet texture, and it also offers the body energy. This is the finest rice for fillings and stir-frying meals.

Bomba Rice:

Bomba rice is pearly white in colour and is identified for its nonstick characteristics. This is due to the rice's heavy proportion of amylose, which precludes it from trying to stick. Bomba rice soaks up 2-3 times as much water as regular rice and keeps its shape even when it has been cooked thoroughly. It has a richer flavour and a chewy crust texture than some other types of rice.

Glutinous Rice:

Glutinous rice is primarily found in Asia and is commonly eaten all through the area. It contains a lot of starch and has a very spongy surface. Eating sticky rice is shown to enhance cardiac health and reduce swelling.

Rosematta Rice:

Rosematta Rice

Rosematta rice, which is grown in India, is packed with vitamins and minerals. The rice has an unpleasant taste and a red presence till the bran layers are separated. You're obviously mistaken if you assume rosematta rice has a unique taste on its own. It pairs well with non-vegetarian curries such as lamb, beef, or mutton.

Valencia Rice:

Valencia rice is widely used in Spanish dishes such as paella. It's grown in Spain and has a lot of starch. The rice is moist and can soak up a significant amount of water. It's ideal rice for broths, rice pudding, and soups.

Arborio Rice:

Arborio Rice

Arborio rice is produced in Italy and is broadly used in Italian cuisine. The rice has a silky and crunchy texture that is loved by people of every age. Once cooked properly, it can dissolve a large amount of water even while carrying its form. This rice is included in Italian dishes like arancini and minestrone.

The rice varieties listed above are ones that everyone should try! They are fragrant, full of flavour, and nutritionally balanced as well. If you like rice, you'll be amazed at how comparable and yet how unique these varieties are. Each one has its own charisma, from appearance to texture to try! Try out new recipes and get innovative with all these better and healthier varieties to develop a rice feast your family will relish.


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