Healthy Diet for a Healthy System

Idli or dosa made with a batter consisting of equal quantity of B&Borganics white sorghum (Jowar/cholam) aids proper digestion due to the high amount of fibre content. One can also add B&Borganics barnyard millet (kuthiraivali) and mappilai samba in the diet in the same manner as white cholam. Replacing regular white rice with thooyamalli, handpounded ponni rice and mysore malli rice for meals will do great benefits.

  • While taking mappillai samba we should add pepper and fenugreek.
  • We should not add tamarind to any dish made of barnyard millet (kuthiraivali).
  • People suffering from indigestion should not add kodo millet (varagu) to their diet as it tends to increase body heat and may dehydrate body.