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  • Organic Little Millet Flakes (Poha)

    It is a great choice if you are involved in your wellness. Enjoy a nutritious meal that is exempt from preservatives, flavourings, and additives. Our Little...

    Regular price Rs. 139.00
    Sale price Rs. 139.00 Regular price
  • Multi Millet Noodles - Zero Maida & Preservative Free

    Millet is becoming incredibly common as a healthy choice to grain noodles for a number of reasons. Millet noodles have a high nutrient content and are...

    Regular price Rs. 124.00
    Sale price Rs. 124.00 Regular price
  • Finger Millet Vermicelli (Semia) - 180g

    Finger millet can be cultivated in a drought environment, could indeed endure extreme drought, and is capable of adapting to higher altitudes. Finger Millet Vermicelli could...

    Regular price Rs. 90.00
    Sale price Rs. 90.00 Regular price
  • Seeraga Samba (Raw) Rice (Save upto Rs.50)

    Regular price Rs. 105.00
    Sale price Rs. 105.00 Regular price Rs. 102.00