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Taste our Combos that includes the following cookies:

  • 5000 BC Cookies Combo( Foxtail-200 g, barnyard-200g and Karupu kavuni-100 g)
  • 5000 BC Cookies Combo( Foxtail-200 g, barnyard-200g and Mappillai Samba-100 g)
  • 5000 BC Cookies Combo(Foxtail -200 g and Barnyard-200 g)
  • 5000 BC Cookies Combo(Multimillet -200 g and Karuppu kavuni -100 g)
  • 5000 BC Jaggery Cookies Combo of 2 ( Karuppu Kavuni & Mappillai Samba) -Each 100 g
  • 5000 BC Mixed Millet Jaggery Cookies Combo of 4 ( Foxtail, Wheat, Barnyard & Multi Millet) -Each 200 Grams
  • 5000 BC Snack Combo(Foxtail Cookies-200g, Barnyard Cookies-200g, Karuppu kavuni Cookies-100g and Palm Jaggery peanut candy 250 gms)

Our cookies are mostly made by using millets, grains, and natural sweeteners. It is the best snack for kids and old age people. Every ingredient in cookies has unique benefits and nutritional contents. A good mid-meal snack for those on a diet. Our cookies are packed with care, processed, and subjected to quality-control measures.

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