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Traditional food for men b/w the age of 17 – 30?

Traditional food for men b/w the age of 17 – 30?

Nutritious food habits and a healthy lifestyle were the main reasons for a young man to be a robust and healthy person during the Tamil Sangam period. The age between 17 to 30 years is called kazhaiparuvam in Tamil which means a physically strong young man. We can find evidence for this in many anecdotes from the ancient Sangam literature.

Let us see the reasons behind having such a strong and muscular physique. Taking a balanced and nutrient-rich traditional food was primarily one of the reasons for this.

In ancient times, idlis and dosas were prepared from Mappillai samba rice, which was primarily one of the reasons for young men to lead a healthy life. It was common to prepare soup made out of bamboo rice and mudavatu kizhangu which further strengthened their bones.

The young men of that period included chickpeas in their diet regularly which further enhanced their physical strength.

Today’s youth can have chapathis made from bamboo rice and millets. This is highly beneficial as well as nutritious.

Every day in the morning they can take a drink prepared from fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds. This has to be taken in an empty stomach. This acts as a coolant for the body. They should also include fresh vegetables and organically grown fruits in their diet regularly.

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