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The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle with B&B Organics

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle with B&B Organics

Welcome to the ultimate guide to a healthy lifestyle with B&B Organics! We're here to help you navigate through the plethora of options available for a balanced diet, natural skincare, and overall well-being.

From our aromatic Joha Rice (Aromatic Rice) - West Bengal to the enriching Karun Kuruvai Rice: Nutrition, Health Benefits, Ayurvedic Uses, we've got you covered. Our blog also offers insights into traditional rice varieties like Thanjavur Ponni Rice: How to Eat, Cultivation and Weight Loss and Traditional Rice: What are they and how are they different?.

The Importance of Organic Food

In today's world, where processed foods and artificial ingredients are the norm, the importance of organic food cannot be overstated. Organic foods are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, providing a cleaner, more nutritious option for your family. Our Ponni Raw Rice (Pachai Arisi) - Natural and Chemical Free and Pearl Millet (Desi Bajra/ Bajri/Sajjalu) - Chemical Free are great examples of organic grains free from chemicals.

Rice Varieties for Every Need

When it comes to rice, we offer a range of options that cater to different health needs and culinary preferences. For instance, our Kerala Matta Rice (Parboiled) is a staple in South Indian cuisine, while our Chak Hao - "Manipur (Origin)" is a rare black rice rich in antioxidants.

If you're looking to manage your blood sugar levels, you might want to read our blog posts Is Kalanamak Rice good for diabetes? and Is Thooyamalli Rice good for diabetes? to learn more about rice varieties suitable for diabetes. We also have informative posts on A Bowl of traditional rice controls sugar rise and Which rice is good for a diabetic?.

For weight management, check out our article on Is Rice Fattening or Weight-Loss-Friendly?. Our Brown Rice/Brown Chawal (Ponni Hand Pounded) is a great healthy option.

Oils and Ghee for a Balanced Diet

We also offer a range of cold-pressed oils like Cold Pressed Groundnut (Peanut Oil) and Virgin Coconut Oil. These oils are not just for cooking; they have various health benefits too. Our article on Coconut Oil vs Peanut Oil: What is the difference? compares these two popular oils.

For insights into the health effects of oils, read our posts on 3 Unique Traits Of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil and What are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil.

We also offer premium ghee like Premium A2 Cow Ghee (Bilona Ghee-Curd Churned) which is beneficial for health. Our articles Which ghee is best: cow or buffalo? and A2 Cow Ghee: Benefits, Ingredients, Nutritional Facts & More discuss the pros and cons of different types of ghee.

Sweeteners: The Healthy Way

If you're looking to replace refined sugar in your diet, we offer natural alternatives like Palm Sugar/Panam Kalkandam and Sugarcane Jaggery Powder / Nattu Sakkarai.

Our blog dives deep into the differences between various sweeteners through posts like:

For diabetes-friendly options, read Is Palm Sugar Good for Diabetics? and Which type of jaggery is good for diabetes?.

Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

We believe that eating healthy doesn't mean compromising on taste. Our Recipe Blog features a variety of dishes that are both nutritious and delicious.

For instance, you can try our Palm Jaggery Shrikhand for a sweet treat or Vegetable Millet Noodles for a quick and healthy dinner. We also have recipes that use specific ingredients like Mappillai Samba Rice, such as Mappillai Samba Payasam and Mapillai Samba Adai.

For babies and kids, we have healthy recipes like 7 Healthy Urad Dal Recipes For Kids and 10 Recipes using Ghee for Baby Weight Gain that use our products.

Millets: The Underestimated Superfood

Often overlooked, millets are a group of highly nutritious, naturally gluten-free grains that are easily digestible. They are rich in fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients.

Our range includes Healthy Finger Millet Noodles (No Maida, Not Fried, Vegan) and Organic Foxtail Millet Flour, among others. We also have informative articles like 10 Different Types of Millets To Add To A Routine Diet that provide an overview of commonly available millets.

For millet recipes, check out Millet Flour Roti/Chapati or Millet Vermicelli Upma.

Skincare with Natural Oils

Did you know that the oils you use in your kitchen can also be used in your skincare routine? Our cold-pressed oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that can nourish your skin.

Consider incorporating Virgin Coconut Oil or Cold Pressed Gingelly/Sesame Oil into your skincare regimen. We have detailed guides on using coconut oil like Coconut Oil for Skin: The Complete Guide and 10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine.

For sesame oil, read Sesame Oil for Skin: Benefits and How to Use It.


At B&B Organics, we are committed to providing you with the best organic products for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From our Premium A2 Cow Ghee (Bilona Ghee-Curd Churned) to our Healthy Finger Millet Noodles (No Maida, Not Fried, Vegan), we have something for everyone.

Don't forget to check out our blog post Millets: From the “Food of the Poor” to “Food to Boost Immunity” to learn more about the nutritional benefits of millets. We also have detailed resources on specific millets like Barnyard Millet: Health Benefits And Nutritional Value.

For rice varieties, read our guide on 9 Most Popular Types of Rice in India – A Complete Guide. We also have resources focused on individual rice types such as The Amazing Benefits of Ponni Rice and 6 Reasons Why You Should Have Bamboo Rice.

When it comes to oils, explore our range of cold-pressed, unrefined oils like peanut, coconut and sesame oils. Read The Science of Cooking Oils: Which Are Really the Healthiest? to understand how cooking oils impact health. For coconut oil, refer to our guides like 10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil, Types, How To Include In Your Diet and 20 Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Heart, Joints + More.

We hope this guide gives you a good overview of how our products and resources can help you lead a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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