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NJAVARA: The Rice Worth Gold

NJAVARA: The Rice Worth Gold

What is Navara Rice?

Navara rice is a unique grain variety native to Kerala. It is an indigenous rice contest that occurs in two varieties: black and golden. The black Navara rice appears to be more nutritious than the golden variety. It is thought to have an

Navara Rice

herbal ability to help with breathing, vascular, and gastrointestinal troubles. These nutritious Navara foods are used in the Ayurvedic medicines Njavara Kizhi and Njavara theppu. Njavara powder is commonly blended with milk and devoured as gruel. This rice variety is also remarkable for its religious significance, as it is every once in a while used in shrines for numerous religious ceremonies. During the winter season, Njavara rice recipes are known to improve immune function.

Composition of nutrients:

Navara is the source of vitamin B, minerals like iron and zinc, protein, and complex carbs. It also acts as an antioxidant, phenolics, and flavones like tricin, oryzanol, and proanthocyanidin. Ayurveda recommends it as a grain to enhance malnourishment, rheumatoid, bowel problems, diabetes, TB, oligospermia, and milk production.

Benefits of Navara Rice:

Breastfeeding and pregnancy:

Women should eat Navara rice cooked in meat soup during childbirth to enhance the fetus's excess weight. Navara rice gruel with cow's milk moves as a galactagogue, enhancing milk yield.

Food weaning:

Navara rice powder boiled with molasses and milk has been found to be a nutritional feeding food, an organic, nutritious option for packaged baby foods.

Benefits of Navara Rice

Underweight treatment:

It has traditionally been used as a complement to the nutrition of those who are underweight. To reduce fatigue and increase weight, kanji, a refilling drink, is being used. Kids are also nourished with rice boiled with milk, recognized as Navara milk kanji.

Injuries and aches:

Navara rice boiled with milk and herbal products lightens the body and enhances joint pain and stiffness and blood flow.


The higher fibre content of this rice aids in loosening the bowels and boosting seamless bowel function. It is useful for the treatment of fluid retention, bowel problems, and dysentery. Boiled Navara with curry leaves and sour buttermilk may be helpful for intense piles.

How to eat it: 

It can be eaten as boiled rice or powder form and blended with milk to make a cereal. It has a distinctive aroma as well as therapeutic uses. You can also cook it in water and eat it like usual rice. However, make sure it is boiled in the water and that the liquid is not disposed of.

Baby’s Health food:

Navara rice powder boiled with brown sugar or molasses and milk has indeed been noticed to be a highly nutritious meal for newborns and an amazing natural alternative for grocery store baby food.

Other advantages: 

It's also been evidenced that husk has shown promise health-related benefits in the prevention and treatment of various illnesses, such as cancer, hypercholesterolemia, liver failure, hypercalcemia, kidney damage, and cardiovascular disease, once likened to refined, ground varieties of rice. The high vitamin B1 material of Navara rice may be helpful in the treatment of muscle spasms, neuritis, as well as other illnesses of vitamin B1 deficiency. People suffering from muscular squandering may result in higher potassium, calcium, and magnesium stages.

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