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A Plan for Healthy Heart (Quick Meal Plan)

A Plan for Healthy Heart (Quick Meal Plan)

Keep the Beat Healthy 

Eating greens and foods rich in fiber is a must-do ritual to keep your heart healthy, especially those who have heart disease history in their family should have a proper diet for a healthy living. Foods like chickpea, green gram has a vital amount of fiber. B&Borganics Little millet (Kutki /samai) and barnyard millet (Sanwa/kuthiraivali) taken in equal ratio, can be used to make delicious upma or kesari. B&Borganics Pearl millet (Bajra/cumbu) known as a perfect body coolant can be taken in the form of gruel which makes an ideal drink in summer. One can have kalar palai rice known to be beneficial for skin and heart. Apart from which we can have navara rice, Kerala matta rice, hand pounded rice in their daily meals which reduce the risk of any heart disease.

Kalanamak, Karunkuruvai, kattuyanam and red rice are taken in any form, at least in one meal of a day is an added benefit. Black cumin (balances body pH) and cumin took in equal quantity should be roasted and grounded, taking this powder in hot water, half an hour before a meal has a great effect in our body.

  • This should be taken for 3 months with an alternating interval of 1 month. Karuppu kavuni rice can be roasted and ground along with cardamom and can be taken along with hot water in the morning as it acts as a detoxifier. It can also be included in our day to day diet since it is enriched with nutrition that prevents many diseases.
  • In general, to keep heart disease at bay, a well-balanced diet with a right amount of fibre is a perfect solution. We should add enough quantity of green vegetables and keep us hydrated with sufficient amount of water. We should not add tamarind to any dish made of barnyard millet.
  • It is strictly advised to follow medications (if any) along with this diet.

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