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A Food Guide for Men (Quick Meal Plan)

A Food Guide for Men (Quick Meal Plan)

5-20 years of age 

Meals and dishes like idli or dosa made of rice varieties like mappilai samba or poongar rice are known to benefit health. Grounded and boiled proso millet added with palm candy is very beneficial for the liver and also prevents the chances of diabetes.

20-30 years of age

Youngsters today undergo stress in their day to day lives, which leads to numerous diseases especially related to the nervous system. Therefore to tone the nervous system, kalanamak rice is one best food that is to be taken regularly. Bamboo rice is when consumed regularly do wonders since it is rich in fibre and has a low glycemic index keeping diabetics at the bay.

24-28 years of age

People at this age should always have a check on their age and should follow a balanced right enriched with nutrition. Porridge made of pearl millet, dosa or idli made of white or iron sorghum are healthy choices. Rice varieties like mappilai rice and poongar rice are a good source of major minerals like iron and zinc, it also aids proper digestion. Iron sorghum with garlic prevents a certain type of cancers, improves digestion, builds strong bones and promotes red blood cell development. Karuppu kavuni is one of the miracle rice which improves blood circulation and prevents liver damage and cancer.

30 years of age and above

Kavuni rice and bamboo rice are ideal for people at this age. Kavuni rice can be powdered and mixed with idli batter. Including cold-pressed oil in our diet is beneficial for our bones in long use, since cold press oil retains all its nutrients and minerals. Millets like pearl millet (cumbu), barnyard millet , kodo millet . Having small onion along with kodo millet is very healthy.

Care should be taken that tamarind should not be taken with barnyard millet.

40 years and above

All varieties of traditional rice like black rice, red rice, wild rice, and aromatic rice should be included in a different form in our diet.

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