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A Diet Plan for Jaundice

A Diet Plan for Jaundice

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Jaundice is more common in infants which could avoid and cure easily when pregnant ladies intake proso millet (Barri /panivaragu) regularly. Intake of proso millet along with keezhanelli (Bhuiamla) (leaves or powdered) in the form of soup in an empty stomach helps to cure jaundice (One should avoid using oil, tamarind or salt in this recipe). Having pearl millet as a porridge result as an ideal food for maintaining the body’s pH and also acts as a body coolant. Having white rice varieties like Kalanamak, hand pounded ponni until recovery will provide the essential nutrients and quick recovery. Once the bilirubin level reaches an optimal level and digestion normalizes, we can have rice like mappillai samba.

Having iron sorghum (irumbu cholam) in the form of gruel/ porridge (kanji/ koozh) will aid the assimilation of nutrients easily. Including proso millet in powdered form in our food for 3 months helps in the easy recovery.

  • Following a proper diet along with these remedies is of utmost importance for a speedy recovery. Including tamarind along with keezhanelli will not yield proper results. We should also avoid food rich in oil and spices like a pickle.
  • Kodo millet (Kodon/Varagu) should be avoided by a person suffering from jaundice since it generates body heat which could aggravate the health condition.
  • It is strictly advised to follow medications (if any) along with this diet.

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