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Kalanamak Rice (Parboiled) - UP (Origin)

Kalanamak rice variety, also known as Black Pearl Rice, has a husky aroma even in raw form. Besides that, it is presumed to have numerous health benefits. Kalanamak rice was discovered to have been cultivated nearly 3000 years ago, during the Buddhist period (600 BC) or even earlier.

Alternative Names:

Buddha Rice | Black Pearl Rice

Languages Names:

सफेद कालानामक चावल (Hindi)

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About Kalanamak Rice (Parboiled) - UP (Origin)

Kalanamak rice not only contains numerous essential nutrients, but it also has an interesting history. Kalanamak rice is also known as Buddha rice as it has been cultivated since the time of the Gautam Buddha. Lord Buddha is said to have broken his fast with kalanamak rice kheer on the day of his enlightenment.

Kalanamak rice is high-quality scented rice from India. It gets its name from the colour of its husk, which is black. It is known as the "Black Pearl of Uttar Pradesh”.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Calories (g) 360
Total Fat (g) 1
Protein (g) 9
Carbohydrate (g) 79
Dietary Fibre (g) 1
Calcium (mg) 63.5
Iron (mg) 3.84

How To Use Kalanamak Rice (Parboiled) - UP (Origin)

  • Kalanamak rice Biryani
  • Kalanamak rice Kheer
  • Kalanamak Egg fried rice

Kalanamak Rice (Parboiled) - UP (Origin) Benefits

  • Micronutrients such as iron, copper, magnesium, and zinc are plentiful in Kalanamak rice.
  • Kalanamak rice is a healthy choice for children and the elderly, since it is naturally sugar-free rice.
  • Adding Kalanamak rice, as per studies, on a regular basis helps to prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and others caused by iron and zinc deficiencies.
  • Sugar-free rice is another name for rice with a low glycemic index. Its glycemic index is less than 55, which is quite low in comparison to other basmati rice varieties and is beneficial for diabetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutritional values Per 100g of Calories-360 g, Total fat-1 g, Carbohydrates-79 g, Dietary fibre-1 g, Protein-9 g, Calcium-63.5 mg, and Iron-3.84 mg.

Kattuyanam rice will help to control Alzheimer's disease. It also regulates blood pressure and diabetes and it is capable of resolving digestive issues.

Kalanamak rice variety, also known as Black Pearl Rice, has a husky aroma even in raw form. It was discovered to have been cultivated nearly 3000 years ago, during the Buddhist period.

B&B Organics Kalanamak Rice price is Rs 187/- per kg. B&B's Kalanamak Rice has brought you the highest quality kalanamak rice and it is also the healthiest. You can buy Kalanamak Rice online.

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Akash Ghosh
बहुत स्वादिष्ट आहार

इस चावल का खीर बहुत मीठा होता है।


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