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  • Palm Jaggery Syrup (Ginger Flavour) - Udangudi (Origin)

Palm Jaggery Syrup (Ginger Flavour) - Udangudi (Origin)

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Unlike the manufacturing process of refined cane sugar where a lot of chemicals like sulfur dioxide, lime, and other bleaching agents are used to remove the impurities, palm jaggery is prepared in a natural way and thus its nutrients and mineral salts are preserved.


Can be used in Tea , coffee, side dish to idly, dosa, chappathi, puttu etc. Kids love to eat it! Avoid milk curdling: First, boil milk and allow it to cool. Second, add palm jaggery syrup to tea/coffee and keep the extraction separate. Now add milk to the hot extraction, in this way milk curdling can be avoided.


Store in refrigerator and not outside

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