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  • Jaggery Powder
  • Jaggery Powder

Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery Powder is a natural sweetener that is both delicious and healthy. It is golden brown in colour and has a distinct taste that differs from the plain sweetness of sugar. It is made from the sap of plants that contain a high concentration of sucrose. It can be stored as blocks or powder, which can then be mixed into the dish being prepared.

Alternative Names:

Nattu Sakkarai | Raw Sugar | Country Sugar

Languages Names:

மூலிகை நாட்டு சர்க்கரை (Tamil)

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About Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery powder is a traditional item of various ingredients used in Indian cooking. Jaggery is in high demand in both rural and urban areas. It is used in everyday cooking.

To replace the empty calories provided by processed white sugar, sweeten your food with organic Jaggery powder. Powdered jaggery retains all of the natural vitamins and minerals, gives us energy, and keeps us healthy. It retains all of the natural vitamins and minerals.

It is usual to eat a piece of jaggery in India before going out in the hot sun, especially during the peak summer months, as it acts as an instant cooler and boosts energy levels. Jaggery water, Gunda Panaka, and Bellam Paanakam are traditional summer drinks that are consumed with buttermilk to beat the heat, stay hydrated, and balance electrolytes.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Energy (kcal) 383
Carbohydrate (g) 98.96
Sugar (g) 98.13
Protein (g) 0.09
Sodium (mg) 3
Potassium (mg) 31
Magnesium (mg) 160
Calcium (mg) 80
Iron (mg) 5.4

How To Use Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

  • Jaggery powder can be used in the following recipes.
  • Sakkarai Pongal
  • Sweet paniyaram
  • Paasi paruppu Payasam
  • Coconut Boli

Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery Powder Benefits

  • Jaggery powder contains carbohydrates, which the body requires to produce energy.
  • Jaggery powder, which is high in fibre, facilitates bowel movements, relieving constipation. It also activates digestive enzymes and speeds up digestion, relieving pressure on the intestines.
  • It is high in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, especially when made traditionally or organically. It retains all of the original minerals because it is made directly from sugar cane juice that has not been refined or bleached.
  • It cleanses the respiratory system, lungs, and digestive system in addition to purifying the blood. Jaggery helps to boost overall immunity by eliminating toxins from the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutritional values Per 100g of Energy-383 Kcal, Carbohydrates-98.96g, Sugar-98.13g, Protein-0.09g, Sodium-3mg, Potassium-31mg, Magnesium-160mg, Calcium-80mg, and Iron-5.4mg.

Jaggery powder has a few extra sources of nutrients than white sugar. Even so, jaggery is still sugar and should be used with due care.

Colour, texture, processing, and composition are the primary differences between jaggery and sugar. Refined sugar is typically white, whereas jaggery varies in colour from yellow to brown depending on the length of processing. Sugar is hard and crystalline, whereas jaggery is semi-solid and shapeless.

Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery Powder Price is between Rs. 180-200 Per kg. It may change based on the standards.

B&B Organics is providing high quality organic products at an affordable price. Their products are originally grown by organic farmers. You can get Jaggery powder online from B&B. Shipping available all over India.


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