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Our traditional rice varieties include Black, Red, Mapillai Samba, Karunkuruvai, Thooyamalli, Seeraga samba, Kattuyanam, Iluppaipoo samba, Navara, Kalanamak, Poongar rice, and others. These are all one-of-a-kind and differ in color. Our ancient ancestors ate unpeeled rice and survived long and healthy lives.
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  • Organic Sona Masoori White Rice (Parboiled)

    Sona Masoori Rice is rich in proteins, carbs, and manganese. This is simple to digest and assists in weight management. Diabetics can consume it. It also...

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  • Ponni Raw Rice (Pachai Arisi) - Natural and Chemical Free

    Ponni raw rice has a distinguishable smell, taste and texture. Ponni boiled rice enhances cardiovascular health, and blood circulation, and is helpful to diabetics due to...

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    Organic Brown Basmati Rice (Parboiled)

    Basmati Brown rice is indigenous to India and Pakistan, with India reporting for two-thirds of global production. Basmati rice is suitable for making biryani, fried rice,...

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  • Kid's Rice

    Thooyamalli Parboiled rice is well known for its unique aroma. It aids digestion and has anti-aging properties that make us look young and energetic. This rice...

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  • Womens Rice

    Poongar rice is among the most commonly cultivated varieties of rice in Tamil Nadu. It is an antiquity variety of brown rice that has been meticulously...

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    Parakkum Chittu Parboiled rice

    Parakum Chittu Rice is a kind of Seeraga Samba Rice that is famous in the state of Tamil Nadu. These small grains are grown in 120...

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  • Sonamassori Brown

    B&B Organics Sona Masuri brown rice is sourced from organic farmers of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telegana and is medium grain aromatic parboiled rice which is...

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  • Joha Rice (Aromatic Rice) - West Bengal

    HEALTH BENEFITS: Rich in antioxidant properties it helps to fight against Ageing and many other diseases. This rice has a number of health benefits due to...

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  • Organic White Basmati Rice (Parboiled)

    The appealing smell of basmati rice keeps adding a delightful flavour to your foods even while supplying an amazing accomplice to the recipes that complement it....

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