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Which ghee is best: cow or buffalo?

Which ghee is best: cow or buffalo?

Cow or buffalo milk is the origin of desi ghee. These two are common in Indian houses. It is good for our health to consume both cow and buffalo ghee. They give resistance and stamina as well as a variety of nutrients that are good for our bodies. They are excellent cleansers and can treat skin conditions.

Both, however, are not equal in each and every way. Together with similarities, they can vary in certain aspects. Keep reading to find out which ghee is best as well as the various qualities and advantages in which both cow and buffalo ghee provide.

Cow Ghee Different From Buffalo Ghee

What Makes Cow Ghee Different From Buffalo Ghee?


The ghee's colour is where the variation is most apparent. Buffalo ghee has an off-white or white colour. Conversely, cow ghee is yellow.


Buffalo and cows have a comparable chemical make-up, and only cow ghee has the carotene that can be turned to vitamin A. All of them have fatty acids, but their percentage compositions vary.


Calcium and vitamins are both found in ghee. Minerals, antioxidants, and proteins are all found in higher amounts in cow ghee. Magnesium and phosphorus are plentiful in buffalo ghee. Furthermore, the calcium content is higher.

Ghee to Milk Ratio:

If ghee is extracted from the same quantity of buffalo milk as cow milk, the yield is higher. Besides that, this impacts the cost of ghee, rendering buffalo ghee less pricey than its replacement.

Life Span:

The prolonged shelf life of buffalo ghee is owing to its greater amount of fat, while cow ghee has a relatively shorter lifespan.

Weight Control:

Cow ghee aids in fat loss due to its capacity for fat burning. On the other hand,

Ghee to Milk Ratio

the fats and calories in buffalo milk lead to weight gain. Ghee shouldn't ever be eaten in excess of what is healthy. People who are highly active and want to put on weight must use buffalo ghee specifically.


Ghee's butyric acid content aids in metabolism. Cow ghee, though, is more digestible and lighter on the gut than buffalo ghee.

Benefits for the Skin:

The benefits of ghee for the skin are immense. A small amount may be applied to your body and face for deep moisturisation, particularly during the wintertime. Buffalo ghee is an effective cure for dry, dull skin, chapped lips, and dark under-eye circles.


Pure ghee is a great alternative for frying and sautéing at high temperature as it has a strong smokey flavour. Indian ghee sweets are a preferred delicacy and are usually selected for special occasions.

It is possible to cook using both cow and buffalo ghee. The flavour and aroma they give to food can vary, however. While buffalo ghee has a distinct taste that several food fans love, cow ghee offers a more balanced flavour.

Dairy Products:

Ghee, which is derived from buffalo milk, has a creamy and thick consistency. As a result, it is preferred for producing milk products with fat as a component.

Usage among Seniors:

Cow ghee is better than buffalo ghee as it builds bones, enhances cognitive and mental abilities, is healthy for the heart and eyes, and contains good cholesterol. Besides that, it aids in bowel habits and is easy to swallow.

Ayurvedic uses:

The medicinal benefits of cow ghee are much greater, as per Ayurveda. As a result, it is used in Ayurveda therapies like "Nasya Vidhi" and therapeutic blends and decoctions. Cow ghee is also preferable to all other ghee in religious rituals.


There is no clear answer as to which ghee is the finest. Compared to buffalo ghee, cow ghee can be more beneficial. It is suitable to be eaten by all ages, particularly kids. It aids in strengthening immunity and digestion.

On the other hand, buffalo ghee is a culinary delight. It provides the foods a sweet aroma and a huge amount of flavour. Rich texture and granular structure are favoured by those who enjoy delicacies and sweets made with ghee.

Each has a unique taste and texture. The final reason is the consumer's own choice. Depending on the situation, certain people utilise both cow and buffalo ghee, but the others stay with their chosen variety.

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