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What is the Difference Between Palm Sugar and Cane Sugar?

What is the Difference Between Palm Sugar and Cane Sugar?

The key distinction among cane sugar and palm sugar is that palm sugar has a lower GI and is therefore regarded healthier than cane sugar.

Cane sugar is made by extracting sugar from sugarcane juice, while palm sugar is made by lowering sap from palm trees. A healthy alternative for sugar is commonly suggested, like palm sugar. This is because of the fact that it is better than sugar in many aspects.

What exactly is palm sugar?

A sweetener derived from palm tree sap is called palm sugar. It's also referred to as jaggery at times. It is a healthy substitute for sugar. As it undergoes little processing and lacks any chemicals, we think it to be better than sugar. Heat is utilised to drain the moisture from the tree sap, resulting in the formation of thick syrup. Later, this syrup is lowered to crystals. Stores carry fluid, solid, and granular forms of palm sugar.

Palm trees of all sorts are able to yield palm sugar. Palm sugar is often divided by the kind of palm used, like coconut palm sugar, date palm, palmyra palm, etc. While their compositions vary slightly, their manufacturing processes are similar, and we utilise them equally.

How cane sugar works:

A sweetener derived from sugarcane is termed cane sugar. It is grown in hot to tropical regions of the world, such as India, China, Brazil, and Thailand. The major ingredient of cane sugar is sucrose, a simple carb produced by plant photosynthesis. Normal sugar, often called table sugar, is typically made from cane sugar. It is made up of sugar cubes or a sugary powder.

There are other ways to manufacture cane sugar, however the basic steps are as follows:

  • Using milling or dispersion to extract the sugarcane juice,
  • Purification of the juice.
  • Then, accumulate the syrup from juice by evaporation.
  • Sugar crystallisation from syrup.
  • The crystals are separated and dried.

Cane sugar, on the other hand, has a gi of about 60. This might lead to a blood sugar spike. Sugar intake may result in a number of adverse impacts on your health, as you should be aware.


Palm sugar has a lower GI than cane sugar. Palm sugar is also safer and much less sweet than cane sugar. The main distinction among palm sugar and cane sugar is thus this. Palm sugar is a great substitute for sugar, to clarify.

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