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Tiki's Story

Tiki's Story

I saw this really cute sparrow when I went cycling this evening. Later, I found out that Sparrows are endangered!!! I was gobsmacked!

Oh! Wait a minute… Let me tell you the story of Tiki the sparrow…

Tiki is an adorable little sparrow who was born a few days ago in Krishna’s garden. She adored Sarah, the daughter of Krishna and unfailingly gave gifts to her, like small stones, a feather, a grain and so on.

Unlike most sparrows, Tiki possessed a very inquisitive mind. She is perpetually asking something or the other to her mom, dad, brother, you name it.

A few weeks later, when Tiki and her brother Coco were racing (flying obviously), they saw a truck pull up the drive and, the Krishna family started loading huge things from the house into it.

About an hour later, Sarah called out to the sparrows. Tiki and Coco gave her small, friendly pecks on Sarah’s cheek. Tiki also placed something on Sarah’s hand. It was a fallen feather from her tail.

“Aww, thank you, Tiki. I’ll miss you guys.” She said, held the feather near her heart and ran back to her car and, they drove away. The ankle-biters didn’t understand why Sarah will miss them.

As the day came to an end, the family didn’t return. This puzzled Tiki because around 9:00 pm, all the light in the house goes off. So Tiki asked her mom.

“Mom, where are Sarah and her family?” “They have left us, darling. They moved out. We’ll never see them again,” Her mom replied sadly.

“But they could have taken us along with them,” Tiki said

“No, they are moving into an apartment and, they can’t have birds or any other pets.” Mom said.

“Oh!” Tiki replied and went away sadly.

She waited day and night for them to return, but they never came. Months went by, and their little nest started to fall apart. Moreover, getting food was becoming harder because most of the grains they get, makes them sick.

And it was very, very difficult to find homes in the matchbox styled house. In all these months, Tiki noticed one thing; she saw numerous sparrows homeless like them. She observed that many of these sparrows have also started disappearing.

One day, when Tiki and her mom were scavenging for food, her mom flew quite close to a tall tower, and in a trice, her mom dropped like a stone. Tiki’s heart broke when she learned that her mom has breathed her last.

In due course, when she searched for insects to eat with her brother, she saw something that made her cry with joy. A small structure that looked very similar to her nest back in Krishna’s garden.

She swooped in, and her brother followed her lead. At first, they were wary, observing the humans closely, and by and by, getting closer to the humans and becoming good friends with them.

You see my friends, many sparrows are homeless now and, many die because of that, cell phone radiation, barbaric urbanization, people not allowing sparrows to build nest, and chemicals in pesticides and fertilisers.

To help these cute little fellas, let’s provide shelter by keeping a nest similar to the picture. In addition to this, place the right kind of grain and water outside, next to the nest. Just like Tiki and her brother, slowly but surely, the sparrows will grow fond of you.

I recently got these amazing nests from B&B Organics, Trichy. I am giving the nests to all my friends. So if you want one of these, get in touch with me @ 8300129993.

Let’s love the sparrows wholeheartedly and help them stay extant forever.

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