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5 Sustainable Food Storage Ways for a Zero Kitchen Waste

5 Sustainable Food Storage Ways for a Zero Kitchen Waste

It’s been a bit more challenging to practice zero-waste with the many essential distractions going on, but there are still many little sustainable switches you can make in your life that won’t be too overwhelming. According to National Geographic, a 2019 report found that in a span of 6 months, nearly 80 million Americans used at least one roll of plastic wrap. That’s a crazy amount of plastic waste coming out of one country alone!

If you happen to struggle with plastic in the kitchen, this post is for you! A few years back, I learned not to store food in plastic because of health, but it’s not only my health – the planet’s, too. Less disposable plastic is better for all of us!

Let’s dive in to know the ways to store food with Zero kitchen waste.

1. Sustainable Food Wraps

Put down the plastic cling wrap because these reusable food wraps are going to save you money. It’s incredible how just the heat of your hands makes these reusable wraps so easy to use. Once you get them warm with your body heat, Z Wraps have natural self-adhering properties to cover your leftovers with a superior seal. They also come in so many different sizes. Each reusable wrap is made from 100% cotton with organic beeswax.

2. Glass Containers / Glass Jars

By switching to glass, you can rid your food of possibly being infiltrated by toxic chemicals. Pick the containers that have a wood lid!

3. Natural Fiber Bento Boxes

They are perfect for taking lunch to work or school, OR to a restaurant to gather your leftovers instead of asking for a box. These bento boxes are made from an eco-friendly natural rice paddy fiber material. They are also microwave safe and top-shelf dishwasher safe!

4. Silicone Lids

Silicone is somewhere between synthetic plastic and natural rubber, but we’ve added them to this list because they are reusable and very handy. The silicone wraps are stretchable, temperature safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe.

5. Veggie Bags

While most of the time, these are great to have on hand when at the grocery store, they are actually excellent at keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. You can always make your own with scrap fabric, but the mesh material must be breathable and nice for all your fruits and veggies!

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