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Is Rajamudi rice good for weight loss?

Is Rajamudi rice good for weight loss?

Rajamudi Rice is a unique grain that was formerly a staple of Maharajas and is valued in royal cuisine and regal kitchens. It must be preserved and enjoyed despite the fact that it's now only cultivated in a few remote areas. All Indian dishes pair perfectly with the flavorful rice from Rajamudi.

Rajamudi is an unique rice that is native to Karnataka's southern region and has a long history dating to the Mysore Palace. Rajamudi Rice has better dietary

Rajamudi Rice

fibre than polished rice. Also it has a significant amount of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Antioxidants protect our body against free radicals and infections. Zinc, which is present in Rajamudi rice, boosts immunity and expedites body mending and healing. It also has heart benefits. It gets rid of the plaque that builds up in the arteries. Furthermore, rajamudi rice is well known for promoting bone density. Moreover, its glycaemic index is low.

Rajamudi rice's history:

Rajamudi, among the most rare kinds of red rice on the market, has a historical precedent to the era of the Wodeyars of Mysore. It is claimed that all those who could not pay the King of Mysore's levy were ordered to buy nutritious Rajamudi rice in its stead. Rajamudi rice is unrefined and a mix of red and brown in colour. This rice had a short period of immense appeal until being overtaken by the advent of white rice. The native Rajamudi rice has grown in popularity as people are becoming more conscious of natural and nutritious rice expansion.

Rajamudi rice's benefits include:

  • Nutrient dense Rajamudi rice is good for regular intake.
  • Compared to polished rice, it has higher dietary fibre.
  • Both antioxidants and phytonutrients are plentiful in it.
  • Antioxidants shield our body against free radicals and pathogens.
  • Rajamudi rice includes zinc, which boosts immunity and hastens the body's healing and recovery processes.
  • Also, it is beneficial to the cardiovascular system.
  • It helps get rid of the plaque that forms into the arteries.
  • Besides that, rajamudi rice is well known for improving bone density.
  • It has a lower glycemic index as well.
  • Rajamudi rice is unrefined, has a hue that is a mix of red and brown, and is packed with antioxidants that aid in preventing infection.
  • The higher dietary fibre content in this royal Rajamudi rice aids in weight loss and eliminates excess harmful cholesterol from the body.
  • Zinc, which is abundant in Rajamudi, helps in the rapid recovery of any external or internal trauma or tissue injury.
  • Rajamudi is the best rice for diabetics and people who have cardiovascular disease to consume because of its low glycemic index rating.
  • Rajamudi's calcium content fortifies bones.
  • Rajamudi has a large number of micronutrients, therefore eating it gives the body with all the necessary nutrients it requires to be strong.
  • Patients with heart diseases must use Rajamudi rice as it is believed to eliminate or lessen plaque formation in arteries.

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