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Is palm jaggery good for periods?

Is palm jaggery good for periods?

Jaggery has lately made a comeback, as you must be aware if you're tracking the most recent nutritional and dietary fads. The majority of Indian cooks have traditionally utilised jaggery, also termed as gur. Most diet-conscious women with PCOS are keen on discovering if jaggery is helpful for their disease. Let's explore in this article if the jaggery's components will harmonise or disturb the

palm jaggery good for periods

PCOS patient's sensitive hormone levels.

Jaggery: What is it?

A traditional Indian sweetener called jaggery is gaining appeal as a sweetener. Jaggery is a real natural sugar that is made by evaporating the water from cane juice without the addition of any additives. A related item is made from the juice of date or toddy palm trees and is called palm jaggery. Jaggery is manufactured primarily in India, which provides for 70% of world production. Gur is the generic term for jaggery in India.

Palm jaggery's nutritional profile:

Jaggery is much healthier than processed sugar as it's not twisted during the production procedure to eliminate the beneficial by-product molasses, which is extracted during the sugar-making procedure. It is considered to be a healthy option to sugar as a result. In India, we like lighter jaggery over darker jaggery. Dark jaggery is considered better, though, as it contains low or no extra chemicals or additives. Protein, fibre, and lipids are almost nonexistent in it. 

What Benefits Does Jaggery Provide for PCOS?

Can jaggery help PCOS? Actually, jaggery has several medical benefits because of its substantial nutritional value. Below is a list of methods by which that jaggery can aid with PCOS symptoms.

Period Cramps:

Women with PCOS often have menstrual cramping. Jaggery is a well-known powerful anti-inflammatory and helps in the alleviation of muscle spasms,

What Benefits Does Jaggery Provide for PCOS

making it an excellent natural cure to ease this pain and alleviate cramps.

Premenstrual Syndrome:

Premenstrual syndrome usually involves alterations in a woman's mood, feelings, and habits. A small piece of jaggery, according to certain health personnel, might produce endorphins, mood-enhancing hormones that can reduce PMS.


PCOS's hormonal imbalance can induce excessive bleeding during menstruation, which might lead to anaemia due to a lack of iron. Signs including exhaustion, baldness, migraines, dizziness, as well as other problems are put on by low haemoglobin and iron levels. Due to the substantial iron content of jaggery, regular consumption might actually boost blood levels and cure or avoid anaemia.


PCOS induces inflammatory processes that can cause illness such as acidity and stomach cramps. Potassium and magnesium, two nutrients that are plentiful in jaggery and are beneficial for decreasing acidity. Eating a half tablespoon of jaggery with one tablespoon of ground fennel seeds is a popular home remedy for cramping and acid reflux.


As per research, women with PCOS are more likely to have poor sleep than other women. The same hormones that aid with PMS symptoms also boost the sleep you get. If you are seeking a peaceful rest, blend jaggery with warm milk and eat it about an hour before sleep.

When Is the Best Time to Devour Jaggery for PCOS?

The perfect time to eat jaggery for PCOS is not identified. It can be used as a sugar substitute in desserts as well as to sweeten beverages like coffee, tea, and milk.

What are the risks of eating too much jaggery?

  • As jaggery contains simple carbohydrates, consuming excessive amounts can lead to weight gain and elevated levels of blood sugar.
  • If you are intolerant to jaggery, stay away from consuming it.

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