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How to Make Easy Homemade Coconut Oil Soap

How to Make Easy Homemade Coconut Oil Soap

A cold-process soap method entirely made of coconut oil. Tends to produce tough, white, unflavored bars with a soft foam and a gentle cleansing response on your skin. 20% superfat and a 30.5% lye solution help compensate for the 454 g.


  • Electronic Kitchen Measure
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Melting the solid oils in a stainless steel pan
  • A large mixing bowl for evaluating liquid oils into a heat-resistant jug for the lye solution
  • Use a spoon to the mixture and scrape.
  • Silicone square mold
  • Goggles


Lye remedy

  • 150 g of distilled water and 66 g of sodium hydroxide

Solid oils 

  • 454 g Refined coconut oil


Preparation for Making Soap:

Make sure you have all the equipment, supplies, and tools you need to be at your soapmaking depot. Make a digital scale an aspect of the pre-measurement procedure. As you measure the lye, be mindful to wear gloves.

Produce the lye remedy:

  • Set up shop in an area with air circulation, don your protective gloves, and place them on your protective eyewear. Ideal places involve outside, on a porch, or underneath a stove. Stirring with a stainless steel ladle after trying to add the sodium hydroxide.  Avoid breathing in the fumes.
  • Mix extensively and let cool to 100°F in a safe place. Generally place the jug of lye remedy in the sink, sunk in cold water.

Warm up the coconut oil:

  • Heat the coconut oil in a stainless steel pan on a very low flame till it just begins to emulsify. Coconut oil would then dissolve quite rapidly than you
    Warm up the coconut oil
    may assume due to its low melting temperature of only 24°C. Avoid the urge to raise the temperature.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and put it on a potholder to cool. Mix frequently and allow to cool down to 100°F. Even though essential oil isn't indicated in the recipe, you still can add one already if you wish to the liquified coconut oil.

How to make coconut oil soap:

  • Prepare the soap mold, ensure your gloves and goggles are on and check that you won't be disturbed for the following 10 min. Stir the lye remedy into the pan of oils after both the lye solution and the oils have attained about 100°F. Air bubbles in your completed bars will be lowered if you splash the lye solution against it with a ladle that is settling in the oils.
  • After that, merge the lye solution and oil till it attains a trace. For this recipe, do not advise the basics to use a hand blender. Since it can quickly detect, it won't, at least at first. Use a silicone spatula or a stainless spoon to emulsify gradually rather. If the soap doesn't really identify as fast as it ought to and you're still stirring after a few mins, immerse your hand blender into the bowl and grant it just a few vibrations.
  • When the continuity represents hot dessert, the soap has attained a trace. If you sprinkle batter on top of it, it won't get a totally flat texture but instead a gentle texture.

Make the Coconut Oil Soap:

  • The silicone mold with cavities is suggested for spilling the soap into. This is due to the fact that if you wait a long time to trim the coconut oil soap
    Make the Coconut Oil Soap
    into bars, it could become hard to cut into bars as they stiffen fastly.
  • Put the soap somewhere out of direct sun, such as a kitchen counter. Before popping it out and healing the soap, let it persist inside it for 48 hours.

How to Cut and Cure Soap

  • The coconut soap bars must be left to heal for at least 10 weeks in an area that is airy and away from direct sun. This might appear to be a long time, but if you apply the soap even before the allocated time has expired your skin could have been overcleaned, having left it getting clean and inconvenient. Coconut oil soap will become gentle enough to be used as any other body soap for ten or more weeks.
  • The soaps will be tough and white at the conclusion of the curing time.
  • Once created, your soap has a life span of approximately two years. However, be certain to check the coconut oil's best-by date, as that will be the finest timeline for your soap.


  • It might be demanding for novices to add the essential oil after the feature as is characteristic in soap recipes. With a very little moment to add it once it coagulates, coconut oil soap can detect relatively rapidly.
  • In the circumstance that you use a loaf mold, you need to extract the soap as soon as you can and snip it. This can occur as soon as 2 hours after spilling and don't stand in line for more than 12 hours. Your bars could collapse or become tricky to snip if you keep waiting. Cure as instructed following trimming.

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