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Foxtail millet: what is it?

Foxtail millet: what is it?

A tiny seed with a light yellow color is a foxtail millet. A bowl of foxtail millet can seem to be mustard seeds from a distance. Foxtail millet is easy to swallow and cooks rapidly. Usually, people employ it in place of rice.

Foxtail millet preparation:

Foxtail millet preparation

Rinse the millet:

Put a cup of foxtail millet in a pan. Add three to four water cups to the pan. Throw the millet beads around with your palms in the water. The water will surely turn murky.

To use a strainer with fine mesh, drain this water. The millet seeds must be restored to the pan after dropping into the strainer.

Replenish the water in the pan. Till the water is running clear, continue the wash-rinse-drain process several times.

Be cautious:

More effort is required to clean millets than to clean rice. To make the water clean, it will require 5–6 cycles.

Rinse the millet:

Foxtail millet must be soaked for at least an hour in 3 cups of water. Make use of a fine fine mesh sieve to gently drain the soaking water.

Cook the millet:

Put the washed and soaked millet, 2.5 cups water, and 1⁄4 teaspoon salt in a

Cook the millet

heavy-bottomed pan with a lid.

Set the heat to high and bring water to a boil. Simmer on a lower thermal level.

Rotate among having the pan closed and uncovered during the first 5–6 mins of low-heat simmer; maintain the lid on until hot millet water boils up and starts to strain to overflow into the pan. Whenever that happens, take the cover off and wait till the water stops boiling.

Swirl the pan lightly while pouring little ghee to the millet that is cooking. Boil the millet on low flame with the cover on until all of the liquid has evaporated and it is cooked.

Fluff and stand:

With the pan lid on, allow the boiled millet to rest for 7-10 min.

Take off the lid and use a fork to fluff the millet. Use a gentle hand during this process as we want the millet beads to keep their form.

Retrieve the pan and allow it to sit for an additional five minutes.

The foxtail millet has been produced. Sprinkle a little additional ghee over the cooked millet if needed.

Millet must be served with curry, dal, and pickles or chutney.

Instead, save the cooked millet for a stir-fry with veggies.

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