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Food that fight PCOS (Quick Meal Plan)

Food that fight PCOS (Quick Meal Plan)

Fertility-Friendly Eating Tips

B&Borganics Karuppu kavuni rice is an excellent remedy for PCOD, grounded B&Borganics karuppu kavuni rice can be mixed and taken with milk for better results. Karuppu kavuni rice is very beneficial for uterus hence can prevent infertility in women. Bamboo rice and samai rice are two other gems which are known as one of the best food for infertility.

Infertility in men can be prevented and treated with foods like mappillai samba rice, bamboo rice, and karunkuruvai rice. Mappilai samba rice is known to increase the sperm count in men. Millets with their abundant nutrition can also prove as the best remedy. Having millets like ragi, proso millet and pearl millet are of great benefits. Ragi can be taken in powdered form, proso millet can be powdered and can be taken along with palm crystal (panakarukandu) or as gravy.

It is strictly advised to follow medications (if any) along with this diet.

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