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Diet for Women During Pregnancy (Superfood for a Superwoman)

Diet for Women During Pregnancy (Superfood for a Superwoman)

8-14 years of age

The female body at this age undergoes various biological changes. This age group is when it is marked by the onset of mensuration and many hormonal changes take place, so our body requires proper nutrition. To provide the required nutrition intake of B&Borganics traditional rice varieties like samai rice, karuppu kavuni, and bamboo rice is the key. Bamboo rice being expensive we can balance the quantity by taking karuppu kavin rice and bamboo rice in the ratio of 70:30 regularly for 1 year. Karuppu kavuni rice can be included in the form of puttu or as regular meals. A handful of bamboo rice can be added to our idli rice and can eat in the form of idli or dosa. Idlis made of samai rice or samai rice added with our idli batter will be an ideal way to stay healthy.

18 years and above

Youngsters today undergo stress in their day to day lives, which leads to numerous disease especially related to the nervous system. Therefore to tone the nervous system, kalanamak rice is one best food that is to be taken regularly. Another rice rich in anti-oxidants and essential vitamins is karuppu kavuni which prevents major diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. It is also very beneficial for our skin and hair.

24- 28 years of age

These age group’s nutrition demands can be fulfilled with the intake of millets in their diet. Consumption of barnyard millet, pearl millet are among the prime millets recommended. Having a bowl of porridge made of sorghum along with fenugreek regularly provides a vital amount of minerals and energy. Rice varieties like thooyamalli, mysore malli, navara rice, and Panamkattu kudaivalai can be taken at regular intervals for 3 years by alternating the rice variety every month.

Care should be taken that tamarind should not be taken with barnyard millet.

30 years of age and above

Kavuni rice and bamboo rice are ideal for people at this age. Kavuni rice can be powdered and mixed with idli batter. Including cold-pressed oil in our diet is beneficial for our bones in long use, since cold press oil retains all its nutrients and minerals. Millets like pearl millet , barnyard millet , kodo millet . Having small onion along with kodo millet is very healthy.

Care should be taken that tamarind should not be taken with barnyard millet.

40 years and above

All varieties of traditional rice like black rice, red rice, wild rice, and aromatic rice should be included in a different form in our diet.

Diet for women during pregnancy

3 months (1st trimester) from pregnancy, women can have poongar rice (known as women’s rice) in the form of rice gruel. Poongar rice is known for curing many hormonal issues in women. Range of millets like barnyard milet , pearl millet and sorghum should be added in their diet.

From 5th month proso millet and ragi taken in equal quantity should be grounded along with cardamom, this can be consumed with milk. Idli made of panakaatu koduvali, replacing our regular rice with kalanamak rice for meals is some of the healthy options. Having karuppatti kadalai mittai (Palm jaggery peanut candy) provides good nourishment since it is rich in many vitamins. Palm candy is also beneficial during pregnancy since it is rich in iron and calcium

After the delivery of the baby, women should include poongar rice in their diet. Rice gruel made of karun kuruvai rice with garlic should be taken since it increases breast milk in lactating mothers. A dish like puttu made of red rice is a nutritious food.

  • Care should be taken that tamarind should not be taken with barnyard millet.
  • Women should avoid taking kodo millet and karuppu kavuni rice during pregnancy, since it tends to dehydrate the body and generate heat.
  • It is strictly advised to follow medications (if any) along with this diet.

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