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Coconut Oil for Sex: As Lube, Safety, More

Coconut Oil for Sex: As Lube, Safety, More

Coconut oil has various applications, including cooking oil, face lotion, and cosmetics remover. However, other people use coconut oil for a different reason a lube for their sex.

Applying lube can improve the sexual encounter and boost overall pleasure.

Condom breakage can also be avoided by lubricating correctly before or during intimacy.

But not all lubes are made equal. A delicate balance of microorganisms exists in vagina. A breakdown can result in an infection.

As per studies, various lubes, including over-the-counter (OTC) commercial lubes found at your local pharmacy, may alter the pH balance in the vagina, promoting an infection-prone habitat.

What about coconut oil, though? Is it lubricant-compatible? Bringing coconut oil into the bedroom makes sense, on the one hand. It's elegant and attractive as it is a natural substance.

Are there any drawbacks to using coconut oil as a lube for your genital area?

Health consulted with medical practitioners to gather some data despite the absence of research studies looking into the effectiveness and efficacy of coconut oil as a personal lube. Read up on the facts, benefits, and drawbacks so you can choose it yourself before taking a handful of coconut oil and having intercourse.

Coconut Oil Varieties:

If you've ever cooked with coconut oil, it was likely solid and ambient temperature. This is the most common method for obtaining coconut oil. Unprocessed and refined coconut oil are the two main varieties.


Unrefined coconut oil is simply coconut oil; it hasn't taken any additional processing outside what is needed to obtain the oil.

It is feasible to wet-press or dry-press the oil from the flesh of the coconuts. Some are marked "cold pressed," which indicates they are removed without using fire. Coconut taste and aroma are distinct in unprocessed coconut oil.


Given that some of the naturally occurring elements in the oil are extracted through specific processes, refined coconut oil has experienced more refining. Several of the benefits of unprocessed coconut oil, like antioxidants, could also be gone in processed coconut oil.

A "cleaner" oil is made via refinement, one with little to no flavor or scent of coconut. Also, relative to unprocessed coconut oil, the oil produced has a higher smoke point. This gives it a great baking and cooking oil, due to its taste and aroma impartiality.

Both unrefined and refined coconut oils are solid at room temperature, which is much the same as butter because most of the oil in coconut oil is saturated.

Can Coconut Oil Be Properly Used as Lube?

Overall, yes, utilizing coconut oil as a lubricant during sexual intercourse is

healthy. Organic, cheap, and free of additives is coconut oil as a lubricant.

How to Make Sex So Much Better by Using Lube:

The flesh of mature coconuts is used to produce coconut oil, an edible oil that has many useful effects.

Coconut oil, according to Landry, includes:

  • Effects on moisture.
  • Antimicrobial activity.
  • It has antifungal activity.

Coconut oil as Lubricant: Benefits

Extra virgin coconut oil is one of the organic lubricants. It is lubricating and moisturising and doesn't trap the ball like so many commercial lubes do.

Another appeal is the consistency of coconut oil. Compared to water- and silicone-based synthetic lubricants, it is stronger and much more lasting. At the same time, unlike other lubricants, it won't clog.

What Sort of Coconut Oil Should I Use?

The chemicals in refined and partially hydrogenated coconut oils might cause skin irritation and even make it appear dryer than earlier.

Keeping that in mind, you want to "When using coconut oil for lubricant or any other reason, adhere to virgin, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. Without utilizing chemicals or extreme heat, this oil is extracted from the raw coconut fruit."

Use a clean spatula to scrape out coconut oil if this is stable at room temperature. It's feasible to boost the chances of yeast or bacteria developing in the coconut oil by putting dirty hands into it.

It also assists if you put the oil to the vagina after allowing it to relax at room temp. Let it heat up in your hands if it is too chilly to use.

Also, restrict the amount of coconut oil you use throughout a sexual encounter. While it generally makes for a healthy motion lotion, applying excessive amounts can be damaging to your vagina.

A Brief Review:

Coconut oil is a potentially safe lubricant if you're pondering using it. As a whole, coconut oil is soothing and heavier than other lube made with silicone or water.

Coconut oil as a lube has several risks, including the potential to break lubricated condoms and lead in illnesses or allergic reactions. When using coconut oil as lube, go with an unprocessed, clean, fragrance- and preservative-free kind.

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