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Coconut Oil for Lice: Does It Work and How to Use It

Coconut Oil for Lice: Does It Work and How to Use It

Do you want to use natural cures to get rid of a lice infestation? To instantly get rid of lice, try coconut oil. There is definitive proof that this method is effective. Use coconut oil rather than medicated shampoos first as it is gentler to the skin. This article will show you how to use coconut oil to get rid of those pesky head lice that are destroying the health of your scalp. Continue reading.

What Leads To A Lice Infestation?

A common myth is that head lice can be acquired through casual contact with a

What Leads To A Lice Infestation

lice-infested person. As lice can only survive by feeding on blood, they are only transmitted by direct touch. They need plasma to thrive on non-bloody things. But it is suggested against using other people's hats, combs, as well as other hair accessories as a security precaution.

One more falsehood is the notion that head lice and body lice are the same. Unlike head lice, which need bleeding to thrive, body lice are often spread to the body through mattresses or clothing.

Hugging, sleeping next to, or otherwise being in close vicinity to a person who has head lice can lead to the lice migrating from their head to yours. Given their close vicinity and extended daily playtime with one another, lice spread quickly among school-aged kids.

It is unlikely for you to get head lice through swapping clothing items like caps, hats, scarves, or hair brushes with someone who owns them. There is a chance that you may get a lice infestation if a nit was passed from the infected person to the item and then used. So, avoid using them to be in a safe place.

Why Coconut Oil Is Best For Lice Treatment:

Researchers have tested whether coconut oil performed effectively to get rid of lice. Based on the findings of another UK study, coconut and anise oil spray could be a much more efficacious method of treating lice than permethrin solution.

Based on a different study, coconut oil paired with custard apple seeds effectively killed 98% of lice.

The question is, how effective is coconut oil at eliminating lice. There are three basic causes for this.

Initially, due to its thick texture, lice and their eggs are choked and killed permanently.

Secondly, the viscosity quality of coconut oil inhibits lice from sticking to garments and furniture, thus avoiding the transmission of the infection to other people.

Thirdly, it has fatty acids such as lauric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid that leave your hair strands sticky, hard for lice to grasp, and simple for you to comb

The Best Methods For Using Coconut Oil To Get Rid Of Lice


The Best Methods For Using Coconut Oil To Get Rid Of Lice:

Lice removal with coconut oil works really well. But, by mixing a few chemicals that could kill head lice, you might increase its efficacy. All of the therapies listed above will help you in removing those parasites, but some will work more rapidly than others. 

When you're an adult, having head lice can be unsightly and interfere with your social life. Coconut oil is fortunately here to save the day. Head lice and their eggs are killed by the coconut oil's thick texture. Also, it stops lice from migrating to your garments. Fatty acids in coconut oil make it difficult for lice to stick to your strands of hair. In addition, it greatly enhances the condition of your hair and nourishes the strands. To get rid of lice, you can use coconut oil on its own or in combination with other treatments like lemon juice, garlic, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and green tea.

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