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Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes: Does It Work and Is It Safe?

Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes: Does It Work and Is It Safe?

Dry eye syndrome can trigger your eyes to burn, hurt, or seem grit. This is usually brought on by few or poor-quality weeping.

Dry eyes can be due to a variety of events and situations, including medicines you're using, time spent looking at a screen without moving, contact to smoky or dry air, using corrective lenses, and getting older. It hurts a lot, regardless of cause.

Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes

Not to worry; you can still seek relief from your nasty side effects if you're limited to your house and extremely recluse to ensure safety, even yourself. In contrast to eye drops and ocular fluids, you might decide to try these at-home cures using products or items you already own in your kitchen.

Wash your eyelids:

Clean eyelids are one way to produce better-quality weeping. Use a gentle cleanser, like baby shampoo, and whip a tiny portion on your palms to do this. Close your eyes and gently rub the soap into the bottom of your eyelids, right beside your lashes, before washing with hot water while closing your eyes shut.

Keep a close eye to any locations in which you may have facial moisturizers or cosmetics that could hurt your eyes by seeping into the tear film. A warm compress must be used following cleaning your eyelids to aid your eyes regain moist.

To treat the signs of dry eyes, repeat this step each morning and evening.

Pleasant Compress:

A hot compress stimulates tear flow and increases circulation all around the eyes. Also, by removing oils that have accumulated in your eyelid ducts and

boosting tear quality, this approach minimizes irritation to the eyes.


Hot water must be ready in a bowl. After that, keep an eye patch over your eyes in no more than 10 min using a fresh, lint-free cloth that has been dipped in water. Re-soak the compresses in the hot water if it begins to cool off. As soon as your eyes begin to feel better, do this several times each day for a couple days.

Increase Your Omega-3 Intake:

Dry eye illness is more likely to occur in people whose diets are low in essential fatty acids. Taking omega-3 fatty acids, as per research, may boost tear flow and produce better-quality tears that lubricate your eyes more efficiently. Omega-3 fatty acids, that are organically found in foods like sardine, lean meats, anchovies, and flax seeds, are perhaps used as a nutritional supplement. Also it works incredibly well to use omega-3 supplements, like fish oil pills.

Coconut Oil:

Virgin coconut oil is beneficial to those who do have dry eyes as it forms a layer over the tear film levels, limiting absorption. Also, coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal effects. The only thing you must do is dab your shut eyelid with a cotton swab dipped in coconut oil. Till

your eyes feel good, do this several times each day.

Raising Caffeine Intake:

As per research, coffee may start to dry eyelids by boosting the glands' tear output. Caffeine can trigger nervousness, irritability, and sleeplessness, especially if you're allergic to it or if you consume huge quantities of it.

Caffeine, in contrast, may act as a moderate stimulant in some people, suggesting they move more fluid, thereby aggravating the dry eye.

Alter Your Atmosphere:

Given the risk of acute eye dryness caused by dry air, high winds, pollen, smoking, smog, and air conditioning, you may have to change your environment in order to prevent or cure dry eyes. Instead of sitting close to air conditioners or fans, consider using a cold-mist humidifier.

Use sunglasses:

Use wraparound sunglasses if you're outside to shield your eyes from particles and to decrease Exposure to uv radiation, particularly as it's breezy, sandy, or there's a chance of high exposure. The conjunctiva, an outer layer that surrounds the front of your eyes, can also become red and swollen if exposed to a great deal of Ultraviolet rays or dirt. The dry and itchy feelings in the eyes can also be prevented by wearing high-quality sunglasses.

The condition photophobia, or excessive light sensitivity can be put on by dry eyes syndrome. Using sunglasses can help relieve dry eye issues.

Further ways to avoid or cure dry eyes:

More Blinks:

Blinking intentionally encourages the flow of tears, which can actually maintain the wetness of your eyes. It's still necessary to train deliberate blinking even if it may seem unnatural in need to get used to blinking, often sufficient during the day, notably if staring at displays for long periods of time.

Limit your alcohol intake:

Alcohol consumption can cause dehydration, which decreases the quality of your tears. To determine if there is a link between your alcohol intake and dry eyes, you may wish to decrease or stop drinking completely.

Give up Smoking:

Dry eye syndrome can quadruple your chance of getting it if you smoke cigarettes. As smoking cigarettes includes over 7,000 compounds that can aggravate eyes, it is harmful for the eyes. Also, smoking can change the structure of your tears.

Consider quitting smoking if you already do so. Avoid places where there is a significant amount of heavy smoking if you don't vape.

More Water to Drink:

Finally, make sure to hydrate yourself more! Staying hydrated is good for your eyes and important for having healthy tears, clearing out dirt, blinking, and keeping strong vision.

For the sake of your overall well-being and eye health, make sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each and every day.

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