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Coconut Oil for Cold Sores: Is It Effective and How You Can Use It

Coconut Oil for Cold Sores: Is It Effective and How You Can Use It

Coconut oil is a strong substance that has been utilized medicinal uses for hundreds of years. Cold sore therapy is among the less well-known uses of coconut oil.

Medium chain triglycerides discovered in coconut oil possess potential antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal activities. These compounds can aid in the mending

Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties

process and assist avoid secondary infections in injuries caused by viral diseases.

Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties that aid in ease pain. Also, it is incredibly moisturizing, that can calm the area and minimize any extreme distress.

Cold sores, also known as "fever sores," are teeny, liquid-filled fluid - filled sacs that form in clusters on or around your lips. Blisters that burst will form a crusty top on top of them. Persons can acquire cold sores from each other. The herpes simplex virus, which is extremely prevalent, is the source of them.

Using coconut oil to treat cold sores:

Coconut oil is a great topical application and usually taken to effectively cure common cold. Use pure, unrefined coconut oil for the best results.

Begin with a small quantity of melted coconut oil and use it directly. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to put it directly onto the area, gently rubbing it into the sores. If you handle the blisters, immediately rinse your hands afterwards.

Coconut oil can be taken orally by consuming it by itself or adding it with foods. It may be used as cooking oil or to coagulate coffee.

Does it work?

use of coconut oil particularly

There is limited study regarding the use of coconut oil particularly for cold sores, however there are several studies that show its different health benefits and clinical effects.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of virgin coconut oil may also decrease pain and encourage healing.

The process of healing for cold sores, despite the use of coconut oil, requires a while. Typically, the first outbreak occurs for around 2 weeks. Even though the coconut oil as well as other remedies may reduce future outbreaks by one to three days each, it could still last for about a week.

Hazards and harmful impacts:

The majority of people can properly use coconut oil orally. Skin irritation or breakouts may develop in people who have sensitive skin. Putting it to a small skin area first will allow you to try it before applying it more extensively.

Taking coconut oil has additional risks

Taking coconut oil has additional risks. A fat coconut oil is. If you're unfamiliar with eating it directly or in large amounts, it may disturb your tummy. Like any other fat, if you choose to consume it, do it in proportion.

According to some studies, coconut oil's total concentration of saturated fats may render it hazardous to eat. As a result, use coconut oil cautiously and only occasionally. When aiming to lower your risk of heart, opt for heart-healthy oils that are room temperature liquids.

Other cold sore therapies:

There are a variety of additional potential "organic" therapies that can be used in addition to prescribed drugs and over-the-counter antiviral medicines, both of which may be beneficial in treating and decreasing cold sore effects.

One such illustration is aloe vera gel. As per preliminary research, pure aloe vera's anti-inflammatory and healing properties can aid cold sores seem less painful if topical application.

As a natural remedy with antiviral and anti-inflammatory qualities, lemon balm is another choice for treating common colds. Lemon balm, a part of the mint family, and lemon balm teas can reduce the redness and swelling that precede cold sores, boosting its appearance. Use a lip balm with this ingredient if your cold sores are on your lips to maintain your lips moist as well. Use a product with no allergens and at minimum 1% lemon balm.

Together with coconut oil, you can directly use any of these ingredients to your cold sores.

Key message:

The best qualities of coconut oil as a potential cold sore therapy are its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities. The easiest way to get the quickest results without eating any saturated fatty acids is to use it physically several times per day. To accelerate healing, combine it with over-the-counter antiviral drugs or even other alternative treatments like aloe vera or lemon balm.

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