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Best Rice That Can Help You Make Perfect Biryani

Best Rice That Can Help You Make Perfect Biryani


    When it comes to biryani, the cooking style, ingredients, and presentation differ from place to place. And in the same way the choice of rice, the main essence of the entire dish, also varies. Talking about rice the two leading and competing choices are the basmati rice and seeraga samba rice. Basmati rice is the most common option in the market for biryani. The long grains, non-sticky nature, aroma, soft texture, fluffy, and separate grains when cooked make it preferred choice for biryani. Also now there is a great market for unbleached high fiber basmati rice and the brown rice variety which releases glucose slowly in the body and therefore better than raw rice. But this rice is mostly preferred for Hyderabadi biryani and Mughal biryani and most north Indian style biryani. Basmati rice is easily available in the market and also affordable rice.


    The other favourite rice variety is the aroma rich seeraga samba, which is the quintessential ingredient in all famous biryani across Tamil Nadu. Seeraga samba rice has a lovely fragrance that clings to the meat and makes the entire dish an experience. It retains its texture and does not thicken into lumps which is a much essential characteristic for a good biryani. It is also less fluffy and absorbs the flavor of the masala instead of lending the dish a strong flavor the way Basmati rice does. The subtle sensation, fragrance and the finger-licking taste make the biryani made of seeraga samba irresistible. Though basmati rice and biryani are inseparable for many, Tamil Nadu’s two most iconic biryani – Dindigul biryani and Ambur biryani swear by their secret ingredient – seeraga samba. The rice also has selenium which reduces the risk of colon and intestine cancer. Also having a heavy meal of biryani can sometimes affect the digestion, this is where seeraga samba takes the lead, since it is well known for aiding proper digestion. Due to this property having biryani made of seeraga samba comes handy and avoids any digestion trouble. The only drawback about this rice is that it is not easily available as basmati in the market and is also an expensive yet delicious & healthy choice.

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