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A Bowl of traditional rice controls sugar rise

A Bowl of traditional rice controls sugar rise


  • The rice has a low glycemic index and is the best food choice for diabetic patients.
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants, thus prevents cell damage by free radicals and acts as an anti-aging food.
  • Due to its vitamin content like vitamin C and Iron, it keeps skin and hair healthy.
  • It is known to reduce body fat and prevents heart attacks.


  • Known as diabetic’s rice with a low glycemic index it is very good for controlling diabetes.
  • It is rich in minerals which improves heart function and protects body organs.
  • Rich in antioxidants it prevents cancer.
  • It is considered the best rice for diabetes patients.


  • It has a low glycemic index, hence does not spikes sugar level in the body when consumed.
  • It is rich in iron and zinc, hence prevents disease related to iron and zinc deficiencies.
  • Rich in minerals, it improves the function of the brain and nervous system, also prevents kidney problems.
  • It is known for its ability to prevent cancer and to boost immunity.


  • One of the best rice for diabetic patients since it has a low glycemic index.
  • The rice discards toxin from the body and boosts immunity.
  • It reduces the chances of heart attack and improves the heart’s function.
  • It is rich in anti-oxidant, especially anthocyanin, thus prevent cell damage caused by the free radicals.

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