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9 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Supersoft Hair

9 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Supersoft Hair

Coconut oil has also been lauded as a health food for several decades and still actually contains a large proportion of saturated fat. The secret to healthy hair and skin is coconut oil.

Coconuts are often alluded to as fruits, nuts, or seeds, however in fact they are what's called a "drupe," a type of fruit with a thick rocky coating.

Coconuts are extremely versatile; for centuries, they have been used as a source of food, drink, fiber, or even fuel. Though coconut oil could be fairly recent to the health scene, locals of the Tropics have been using it in their skin

and hair care regimens for hundreds of years. In fact, botanical oils are used to heal skin long since skincare lines also were created.

9 Tips for Using Coconut Oil for Supersoft Hair

Coconut oil is a debatable superfood due to the high fat content. It has a lot more saturated fat than several other natural oils, like lard and butter! In terms of application to the skin, this can actually be a good idea, since it implies we have to watch how often we eat.

Utilize it as a classic hair mask:

To evenly distribute 2 tbsp of coconut oil and one egg over wet hair, use your fingers to mix the mix together. Use your regular conditioner and shampoo following about 20 to 25 minutes. Your hair will appear and feel smoother and shinier as a result.

Use it as an overnight care:

Utilize your hands to massage virgin coconut oil into your hair as it's dry. For coarse, dry hair, use 3 tablespoons; for thin hair, one tbsp; less if your hair looks; massage it all through; then place on a bonnet or scarf and then go to bed. Wash the oil out the next day, then wash and conditioning as usual.

Wear it as a swim cap prior hitting the pool or the ocean:

Apply coconut oil all over after rinsing your hair prior going into the water. The oil will act as a barrier to prevent chemicals and salt out itself, and you may also wear a swim cap on over for added safety.

Move it all through your hair before an exercise:

As you'll be taking a bath following your exercise, to use a hair mask as you exercise out is a great idea. Apply coconut oil to dry hair and toss it up prior exercising out. Bonus: This will help you create the perfect sleek bun.

Use it as a corrective pre-shampoo care:

Use coconut oil to protect your hair from moisture-sucking shampoos if you have frizzy, dry hair. Massage a little oil in the hair at the ends as you take a bath yet avoid the root, and let it in for around an hour. Wash normally followed by conditioning.

Take it and smooth out the kinks:

Coconut oil is also used to manage frizz in curls. A small amount will do. Warm it with your fingers and massage it over any frizz. Any temperature that is above your hair also will cook this because coconut oil flames at 350 °.

Make it a detangler:

Use a little bit of coconut oil to help detangle your hair rather than spending the money on detangling spray. It will be simpler to comb or brush through your hair because of the oil's enhanced slippiness owing to its texture.

Make your own shine spray:

Put a little liquid coconut oil in a squeeze bottle to make an all-natural shine spray. To keep it from hardening, keep it elsewhere hot. Use it as a quick boost if your hair needs it.

Increase your conditioner's efficiency:

Use coconut oil to enhance the water content of your present goods. To seal in the benefits, add a small amount to your best hair mask or curl cream, or apply this over your normal conditioner while washing.

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